Sunday, 30 November 2014

Winter Pyjama Picks

In the Summer I did a post on my favourite pyjama picks, which you can read here. So I thought that given that pyjamas are the perfect Autumn/ Winter night (or day) outfit to snuggle up in I would do a post on my favourite picks of this season. Complete with links to where you can purchase each item, should you be inspired to do so. Apologies if some of the links don't work, some are set to the mobile version of the website. 


1. Ballerina slipper style socks are a great solution for keeping your feet warm  but also making you feel you have nothing on your feet. Plus you can wear them in bed. I wish they had these in baby pink. Get them here.

2. I love a traditional pair of button down pyjamas. These checked ones just look so festive and perfect for Christmas morning attire. They make me think of Home Alone 2 where all the presents get delivered to the Plaza hotel on Christmas morning. Get them here.

3. I'm a fan of big chunky slipper boots. Especially as someone that gets very cold feet. The fair isle pattern on these again make me think of Christmas. Get them here.

4. Ever get annoyed that your pyjama bottoms ride up? Leaving your lower legs freezing. Well the solution lies in cuffed hems. I know I do. This pair not only have cuffed hems but also come in a festive pattern. Ticking all the right boxes for me. Get them here.

New Look

New Look have some great choices this season. Starting with some traditional button down sets, to fair isle and floral patterned snuggliness.

1. Another Christmas morning but more cutsie pair are these penguin print ones. I also love the vibrant blue colour of these. Get them here.

2. This floral pair combine my favourite style with my favourite print. My Summer wardrobe was full of floral prints and I predict my winter wardrobe will be too. Get them here.

3. I know a few of my friends are big on pugs and they seem to be a popular print right now, so I included this pair especially for you Pug lovers. Get them here.

4. Again another fab pair of boot style slippers. But I like that these ones are a little different in that they are pastel, which is a trend I am enjoying this season. These are actually on my Christmas list. Get them here.

5. Slipper boots, floral print, buttons. What more can I say? Love them. Get them here.

6. Yet more snowflake loveliness and cuffed hems. A fab combo. Get them here.


1. If you want to snuggle up but want to forego the classic dressing gown. Or looking for something warm that you could wear comfortably wear in bed. Then a soft fleece oversized top might be your best option. The funnel neck style adds extra cosiness as you can bury your face in it and will help protect your throat from any colds that are doing the rounds. Get it here. 

2. I'm not usually one for an animal themed slipper. Unless they're crocodiles. But this pair are just so cute. Get them here.

3. As someone who spends most their time in bed I found this pair quite funny. Although the '5 more minutes' phrase probably applies to quite a few people on these cold dark winter mornings. I would prefer them if they had long sleeves though. Get them here.

4. For a more elegant look this satin floral pair shout sophistication. I often joke with my friends that satin pyjamas would help us to slide out of bed. Get them here.

5. Another festive pair. This time with the cutest gingerbread man print. Get them here.


1. Another snuggly hoody to get lost in. Makes me wish that I could wear one but it would just be a painful faff for me. Get it here. 

2. More snuggly slipper boots that aren't too festive that you could wear them in May. Black and white polka dots are such a classic look. Get them here. 

3. They're navy, they're floral and they have cuffed hems. Perfect. Get me to Asda. Get them here.

4. And while I'm there let me also get these sequinned slippers. Who says sparkle and sequins is for leaving the house? Embrace it at all times and brighten up those dark nights. Get them here

5. For any sleeping beauty fans or sleeping beauty's themselves. Not exactly a winter pick though. Get it here.

6. Asda have really got the cuffed hem message. Combined with a pastel fair isle pattern they're cosy and on trend. Get them here.

7. Yet more pastel cuffed hem prettyness. Get them here.

8. This pastel pink heart print set are traditional yet super cute. Plus the pockets are useful for when you need to stow your phone to use both hands to get downstairs. Get them here.

Spoonie Collection

This next set is for my chronically ill friends. Some apt yet funny choices that sum up our lives pretty well.

1. "Ok I'm tired now" night shirt apt for all times of the day ;-). I like that this also has long sleaves. From Forever 21 

2. #sleepallday nightie perfect for the sleepier ones amongst us. Probably more for a warmer night or if you tend to get hot during the night. From H&M

3. This top makes me want waffles. To be fair I'd probably still be in bed after devouring them though. From New Look

4. " just woke up like this". Perfect for whether you're looking shocking or stunning. And a good message to your postman if you have to open the door looking far from glamorous. From New Look

5. "I'd rather be in bed". Okay most of the time I'd like to be out of bed and have the energy to do things but there are certainly times when all you need is your bed. From New Look

And although I don't have any photos I can't talk about pyjamas without mentioning Primark. The Mecca of all things nightwear. They have something for everyone. From you disney lovers, onesie addicts to a flannel set and cosy dressing grown.

Where is your go to place for buying pyjamas?

Sian x


  1. I love the spoonie collection! This makes me feel all cosy and snug!

    1. Aren't they funny? I just put my cuffed ones on put they are more leggings style so sent fibro mental. Oh well need more. We always need pj's.

  2. What an amazing selection you've found Sian! I'm quite impressed with the Tesco bits- I love the bunny slippers. I live in my ballerina style ones!