Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Autumn Tag

My lovely friend Meg from Meg Says tagged me in her The Autumn Tag post and so I thought I would share my 2p's worth as something a little different.

Favourite Starbucks drink?
The nearest Starbucks to me is about a 25 minute drive away (I know! Where the heck do I live?) and I'm not allowed to drive at the moment. So my experiences of Starbucks has mostly been to use the loo whilst out and about in New York. However I did go about a month back and I had a chai latte, oh my days how I now wish Starbucks was closer. Costa on the other hand is much more local and I love a gingerbread hot chocolate (unlike Starbucks they do gingerbread syrup all year round). Their Christmas menu looks delicious too, last year I had a black forest hot chocolate and it was like having my cake and eating it too. Their spiced apple sounds delicious too. Ooo get me to Costa now (or Starbucks!) And if you're in there get yourself a salted caramel yule log. Oh my days, gooey centred goodness.

Favourite music to listen to?
Sadly music is lacking from my life at the moment as I can get really bad noise sensitivity that makes me more unwell. So mostly it's just meditation music. But some of my favourite bands and artists are The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, Beyonce and even some 80s/90s rock like Whitesnake and Thunder. I've always loved Motown and Soul music. And you gotta love a musical, defying gravity anyone. Eclectic me.

that famous black forest hot chocolate

Autumn scent
I am so rubbish at remembering to wear perfume but I do like Armani Diamonds and Armani Code. My latest dry shampoo, Colab, is acting as a good perfume too, although the Rio scent is probably more Summery. Scents I associate with winter though has to be the smell of a warm cosy coffee shop with all those lovely Christmas menu drinks. And the smell of the slow cooker, bubbling away for a soup or stew.

Favourite Autumn lip product
For those winter chapped/ cracked lips I swear by Blistex Relief Cream. And I love a bold lip. My fave colours at the moment are Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in 2 and Make up Revolution Pashion. I have my eye on some Kiko and Milani shades too. How gorgeous is this one, Uptown Mauve, but then I also like flirty fuschia, help me decide.

What do you love about Autumn?
I love the cosy nights, snuggled up with a plate of stew and dumplings, then a hot drink, my heat pad and a bit of Strictly or Downton. Or a good book. Wuthering Heights or Daphne Du Maurier's novels are great for a cold Autumn night. I love Autumn fashion and seeing all the cosy winter knitwear and sparkly dresses and shoes. I love it when the weather is clear and all the beautiful colours and majestic sunsets. Also having my birthday in November that makes Autumn special.

Go to Autumn accessories
A pair of boots that don't trigger fibro pain. Tights if I'm wearing a dress. I recently got some 200 denier ones with an inbuilt sock, oh yeah! I love a cloche hat. I find scarves can be a bit too bulky or long and make your rack look even bigger but I bought a snood last year and they are fab, cosy and less of a faff. Plus you can put them around your head to protect your ears. And some winter sparkle in the form of statement necklaces and earrings.

As for Spoonie (a term for a chronically ill person) accessories. Well again it's got to be my dreamland heat pad, (read my blog about it here), fluffy socks for my perpetually cold feet. And of course my chariot (aka wheelchair) that helps me get out and about on good days.

Favourite Halloween film
I'm not a fan of horror films. Ever since watching The Exorcist at a sleepover where the girls Mum had told her Uncle to come knock on the conservatory and mess with the handles. I can't even watch Hocus Pocus that scares me. Do you ever see pictures without people in them that look as though they should be and get a bit freaked. Was that Hocus Pocus? This Halloween I did rewatch Caspar though. I'd forgotten what a great story it was.

Favourite Autumn Nail Polish
I'm really liking navy nails at the moment. I love navy anyhow. I have the Make up Revolution one in the shade Tonight. Autumn/ Winter is also about glittery nails. For my birthday I wore the shade Majesty by Barry M, which is a gold glitter.

What are you most looking forward to this Autumn?
Well it has already been Halloween where I went to visit my friend Ali and it's also been my birthday which were the two main things I was looking forward to this Autumn. But I am looking forward to preparing for Christmas. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy as I plan what I want to get or make for family and friends. And every Saturday I look forward to Strictly. 

I'm going to tag Lauren's Looks,  Poppy Field, and Faye from Freckles and All.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post and that you have a cosy Autumn. What are your favourite things about Autumn?

Sian x

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