Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dreamland Heat Pad

Since the age of 14 I have pretty much had a hot water bottle strapped to me. So much so that I have had some pretty interesting markings going on. Almost a leopard print design on my tummy and lower back. Luckily animal print is in fashion. I have had trainee doctors (and some trained ones) almost reaching for the quarantine forms suspecting some tropical disease. But those with plenty of experience, especially gastro doctors, on seeing this will ask;

                                             "Do you use a hot water bottle a lot?"
I have had one registrar tell his students (after calling all 20 of them on the ward to come look, yeah thanks) that these markings are caused by prolonged use of hot water bottles and that it can therefore be an indicator of the amount of discomfort the patient has been in. As I mentioned gastroenterologists tend to pick up on this as they see a lot of patients with tummy troubles that have been using hot water bottles to ease the pain.
As an M.E sufferer again my hot water bottle has been a constant friend to help ease aching muscles, sore back, tummy troubles, neck pain, shoulder pain. Even just to keep me warm when I'm feeling really cold especially my ice block feet. The problem though was I couldn't fill it myself. So every few hours, even through the night my parents were having to fill it up again.
Then not long ago a close friend told me about Dreamlands heat pad. She had just got one and was loving using it. Especially as she suffers a lot with back and leg pain. So she was straight away recommending them to all her spoonie friends and being the hot water bottle fiend that I am I just had to investigate. And ever since it has become my new best friend. Sorry old faithful hot water bottle I have moved on. I just love it. 

I have it on for the majority of the day if I'm having a bed day and also use it if I'm downstairs on the couch. I find heat is incredibley soothing for my aching muscles. And what's more unlike a hot water bottle I can lie on the heat pad to target my lower back or neck and shoulders, which you can't do with a hot water bottles. Because it has 5 different heat settings you can also control the temperature to find what suits you best at different times. If I need it on whilst I'm asleep then I put it on a lower temperature so that I am still getting the benefit of the heat but not waking up in a sweat. 

My Mum is also a big fan because she is not getting texts every few hours to make a new hot water bottle. Especially during the night. I can simply switch the heat pad on as and when I need it (pretty much ALL the time). All that's needed is a power socket nearby. I even take mine abroad with me. It might be 35°c but I still need direct heat to sooth my aches and pains at times. Especially if I am stuck in bed. But that's where being able to control the temperature helps. The only times it can't be used is obviously when you are not close to a power socket. The cable is quite long though so you have a little bit of leeway. But curse you Premier Inn not having a power socket by the bed. So there are still occasions when the hot water bottle comes in handy. If I'm visiting someone for example. 

I think that the biggest concern that a few people raised was "are they safe?" Of course you do hear stories about electric blankets causing fires. What makes the heat pad safe is that it automatically switches off after 3 hours. Honestly this product has really been such a big help. To someone who spends most their time in some amount of pain it certainly helps take the edge off the pain. Especially when the hours between pain killer doses seem to be dragging. Based on my recommendation my sister and Nanna have since purchased one and my occupational therapist is considering getting one, as well as suggesting them to her other patients.
So if like me you are in constant need of a hot water bottle or experience chronic pain I could not recommemd the Dreamland heat pad enough. They are available from Amazon, Boots, Argos and John Lewis and priced £29.99.
Do you own one? If so what do you think? Or are you now considering getting one? Let me know what you think if you do.
Sian x
Product images from www.johnlewis.com (Other than the one of my pins)


  1. I think Im going to have to treat myself and invest in one of these. Im also attached to my hot water bottle especially in the colder months but its so annoying not being able to refill it myself. This sounds perfect
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

  2. Go for it Beth. It's made getting a heat fix so much easier. Plus you can lie on it. Can you tell I love it hehe?
    Sian xx

  3. Hi Sian, really enjoyed reading your blog! I'm currently sat here with my legs in pain, wishing I could click my fingers and get one now! I'm definitely going to invest!!

    1. Thanks Sophie. Click your fingers on your computer. It really is worth it!

  4. This sounds so good. I always have a hot water bottle glued to me too, I've been known to strap one under clothes when venturing out several times, I'm lucky it hasn't ever burst really, that could look very very wrong!

    1. And be very painful! That's the only things with these you can't use them if you're outside. Should get some kind of power socket on our chairs. Or have heated wheelchair seats like cars have.

  5. Hehe. I can imagine the look on my 'slave's' face if I proposed refilling it during the night! (And it had never crossed my mind). ;)

    PS. Always travel with an extension lead. Hotel designers are not to be trusted!

    1. I can imagine! I used to feel so guilty. But when you're in so much pain you need that extra help. Have you thought about putting a kettle upstairs? If you can use it yourself that is. Then you'll probably get on trouble for the noise of the kettle. Why this has been so helpful.

      And thanks for the tip. It's like they live in an age when phones didn't have to be charged every 2 hours. Or indeed heat pads plugged :-)

  6. This is fantastic must if someone suffer from chronic pain. It was recommended to me and I have since bought it as gifts for other friends who have chronic pain , I have also recommended it. It is brilliant that it can be washed