Sunday, 30 November 2014

Winter Pyjama Picks

In the Summer I did a post on my favourite pyjama picks, which you can read here. So I thought that given that pyjamas are the perfect Autumn/ Winter night (or day) outfit to snuggle up in I would do a post on my favourite picks of this season. Complete with links to where you can purchase each item, should you be inspired to do so. Apologies if some of the links don't work, some are set to the mobile version of the website. 


1. Ballerina slipper style socks are a great solution for keeping your feet warm  but also making you feel you have nothing on your feet. Plus you can wear them in bed. I wish they had these in baby pink. Get them here.

2. I love a traditional pair of button down pyjamas. These checked ones just look so festive and perfect for Christmas morning attire. They make me think of Home Alone 2 where all the presents get delivered to the Plaza hotel on Christmas morning. Get them here.

3. I'm a fan of big chunky slipper boots. Especially as someone that gets very cold feet. The fair isle pattern on these again make me think of Christmas. Get them here.

4. Ever get annoyed that your pyjama bottoms ride up? Leaving your lower legs freezing. Well the solution lies in cuffed hems. I know I do. This pair not only have cuffed hems but also come in a festive pattern. Ticking all the right boxes for me. Get them here.

New Look

New Look have some great choices this season. Starting with some traditional button down sets, to fair isle and floral patterned snuggliness.

1. Another Christmas morning but more cutsie pair are these penguin print ones. I also love the vibrant blue colour of these. Get them here.

2. This floral pair combine my favourite style with my favourite print. My Summer wardrobe was full of floral prints and I predict my winter wardrobe will be too. Get them here.

3. I know a few of my friends are big on pugs and they seem to be a popular print right now, so I included this pair especially for you Pug lovers. Get them here.

4. Again another fab pair of boot style slippers. But I like that these ones are a little different in that they are pastel, which is a trend I am enjoying this season. These are actually on my Christmas list. Get them here.

5. Slipper boots, floral print, buttons. What more can I say? Love them. Get them here.

6. Yet more snowflake loveliness and cuffed hems. A fab combo. Get them here.


1. If you want to snuggle up but want to forego the classic dressing gown. Or looking for something warm that you could wear comfortably wear in bed. Then a soft fleece oversized top might be your best option. The funnel neck style adds extra cosiness as you can bury your face in it and will help protect your throat from any colds that are doing the rounds. Get it here. 

2. I'm not usually one for an animal themed slipper. Unless they're crocodiles. But this pair are just so cute. Get them here.

3. As someone who spends most their time in bed I found this pair quite funny. Although the '5 more minutes' phrase probably applies to quite a few people on these cold dark winter mornings. I would prefer them if they had long sleeves though. Get them here.

4. For a more elegant look this satin floral pair shout sophistication. I often joke with my friends that satin pyjamas would help us to slide out of bed. Get them here.

5. Another festive pair. This time with the cutest gingerbread man print. Get them here.


1. Another snuggly hoody to get lost in. Makes me wish that I could wear one but it would just be a painful faff for me. Get it here. 

2. More snuggly slipper boots that aren't too festive that you could wear them in May. Black and white polka dots are such a classic look. Get them here. 

3. They're navy, they're floral and they have cuffed hems. Perfect. Get me to Asda. Get them here.

4. And while I'm there let me also get these sequinned slippers. Who says sparkle and sequins is for leaving the house? Embrace it at all times and brighten up those dark nights. Get them here

5. For any sleeping beauty fans or sleeping beauty's themselves. Not exactly a winter pick though. Get it here.

6. Asda have really got the cuffed hem message. Combined with a pastel fair isle pattern they're cosy and on trend. Get them here.

7. Yet more pastel cuffed hem prettyness. Get them here.

8. This pastel pink heart print set are traditional yet super cute. Plus the pockets are useful for when you need to stow your phone to use both hands to get downstairs. Get them here.

Spoonie Collection

This next set is for my chronically ill friends. Some apt yet funny choices that sum up our lives pretty well.

1. "Ok I'm tired now" night shirt apt for all times of the day ;-). I like that this also has long sleaves. From Forever 21 

2. #sleepallday nightie perfect for the sleepier ones amongst us. Probably more for a warmer night or if you tend to get hot during the night. From H&M

3. This top makes me want waffles. To be fair I'd probably still be in bed after devouring them though. From New Look

4. " just woke up like this". Perfect for whether you're looking shocking or stunning. And a good message to your postman if you have to open the door looking far from glamorous. From New Look

5. "I'd rather be in bed". Okay most of the time I'd like to be out of bed and have the energy to do things but there are certainly times when all you need is your bed. From New Look

And although I don't have any photos I can't talk about pyjamas without mentioning Primark. The Mecca of all things nightwear. They have something for everyone. From you disney lovers, onesie addicts to a flannel set and cosy dressing grown.

Where is your go to place for buying pyjamas?

Sian x

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


As myself and quite a few of my friends are having a rougher time than usual I thought it would be a good time to hit publish on this post. I hope it brings them a little comfort. Having a chronic illness you very often feel hope-less. As in despairing that life has dealt you a rough deal and that you are constantly at the mercy of your symptoms. You may at times also feel hopeless, in a 'why can't I do that?' kind of way. Especially with simple tasks. All I want is to be able to dress myself etc. With constant symptoms come constant reminders of the things that you can't do. You may spend more time on social media and see others statuses and photos of what they are up to and think to yourself I should be doing that. That's the life I should be leading. And a lot of time lying in solitude and quiet will give you time to ruminate over these things. Those shoulds. And it's those 'shoulds' that will bring us down. Like the quote below implies.
How do we know if life would be all candy canes and lollipops if we never got sick? Did we always think that the lives we led before were perfect? Or never moan? Of course we did. Only now we sadly have more to moan about. But I don't want to focus on that too much in this post.
When it comes to having hope as a chronically ill person the lines can often get blurred. You get into the habit of knowing that if you plan to do something you will have post exertion malaise, or payback as it is often referred to. And that becomes a part of your planning. For example I'm going to go to the shop today and then for the next few days I will be mostly glued to my bed. So we plan to keep those days as quiet as possible. Get extra help if we need to. That in itself portrays a hope-less existence. It's not I'm going to go to the shop and hopefully won't feel too bad afterwards. In some cases it is best to imagine the worst. And it's not hard to do if you just think of the payback you had after the last time you went to the shop. Then you know what you're more than likely in for. On the other hand however you could then be pleasantly surprised when you're not as bad as you thought you might be. 
Then on the other hand if there is something that we want to do, again for example going to the shop. We will keep the days before quiet in the hope that we will have enough energy to be able to go. That way we give ourselves a better chance.
On a day to day basis you go into survival mode almost. A kind of "I'm used to this, this is my new normal." Just focusing on getting through each day or each moment as best we can. I often catch myself thinking if I should be doing more. Not activity wise. But reading more books about my illness, researching more therapies, making changes to my diet. A what can I do to help make myself better? Taking charge. It's rare I even go to the doctors anymore. Because I know there's not much more they can do. There is still so little information about this illness that there is no conclusive treatment. Nevermind a cause or cure. And I know that is all a part of acceptance but sometimes you just want better. And yes that is hope-less but the fact that we can  still keep finding those good moments and pull ourselves through is a promise of hope that despite it all there is still good in the world.
I think hope is inherant in all of us. I especially think that the people I know that fight chronic illness on a daily basis are some of the most hopeful people I know. That might sound strange. But it's what gets us through each day. Even if we're not conscious of it. Hope is our protection of sorts. A barriar from despair stopping us from becoming deeply depressed about our situation. Because becoming that level of depressed is terrifying. 
There are times when I catch myself going to text people to arrange something and then have to stop myself when I'm reminded of the inpracticalities. For example, taking my twin baby niece and nephew swimming with their Mum. I get carried away in how cute it would be and how the water would be good for me too. Then I think hang on, firstly, how would I get there? I can't drive. I can't even push my own wheelchair and often need assistance dressing. So I think that rules that out. I don't think she'd manage with twins and a grown up baby in a chair. But the fact that my brain will let me think like that, if only for a second shows hope.
When thinking to the future I am often caught by suprise by how naturally I think of myself as being healthy then. Of having the energy and health to be living a full life. Or life to the full. A life that may differ from what it was before becoming ill, when I thought I was living life to the fullest. A life where I will savour the smaller moments more because I know their true worth from this experience. 
To my poorly friends, keep fighting in your own way. Take each day as it comes. And keep hoping, you wonderful, wonderful people.
Sian xx

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Autumn Tag

My lovely friend Meg from Meg Says tagged me in her The Autumn Tag post and so I thought I would share my 2p's worth as something a little different.

Favourite Starbucks drink?
The nearest Starbucks to me is about a 25 minute drive away (I know! Where the heck do I live?) and I'm not allowed to drive at the moment. So my experiences of Starbucks has mostly been to use the loo whilst out and about in New York. However I did go about a month back and I had a chai latte, oh my days how I now wish Starbucks was closer. Costa on the other hand is much more local and I love a gingerbread hot chocolate (unlike Starbucks they do gingerbread syrup all year round). Their Christmas menu looks delicious too, last year I had a black forest hot chocolate and it was like having my cake and eating it too. Their spiced apple sounds delicious too. Ooo get me to Costa now (or Starbucks!) And if you're in there get yourself a salted caramel yule log. Oh my days, gooey centred goodness.

Favourite music to listen to?
Sadly music is lacking from my life at the moment as I can get really bad noise sensitivity that makes me more unwell. So mostly it's just meditation music. But some of my favourite bands and artists are The Who, Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, Beyonce and even some 80s/90s rock like Whitesnake and Thunder. I've always loved Motown and Soul music. And you gotta love a musical, defying gravity anyone. Eclectic me.

that famous black forest hot chocolate

Autumn scent
I am so rubbish at remembering to wear perfume but I do like Armani Diamonds and Armani Code. My latest dry shampoo, Colab, is acting as a good perfume too, although the Rio scent is probably more Summery. Scents I associate with winter though has to be the smell of a warm cosy coffee shop with all those lovely Christmas menu drinks. And the smell of the slow cooker, bubbling away for a soup or stew.

Favourite Autumn lip product
For those winter chapped/ cracked lips I swear by Blistex Relief Cream. And I love a bold lip. My fave colours at the moment are Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in 2 and Make up Revolution Pashion. I have my eye on some Kiko and Milani shades too. How gorgeous is this one, Uptown Mauve, but then I also like flirty fuschia, help me decide.

What do you love about Autumn?
I love the cosy nights, snuggled up with a plate of stew and dumplings, then a hot drink, my heat pad and a bit of Strictly or Downton. Or a good book. Wuthering Heights or Daphne Du Maurier's novels are great for a cold Autumn night. I love Autumn fashion and seeing all the cosy winter knitwear and sparkly dresses and shoes. I love it when the weather is clear and all the beautiful colours and majestic sunsets. Also having my birthday in November that makes Autumn special.

Go to Autumn accessories
A pair of boots that don't trigger fibro pain. Tights if I'm wearing a dress. I recently got some 200 denier ones with an inbuilt sock, oh yeah! I love a cloche hat. I find scarves can be a bit too bulky or long and make your rack look even bigger but I bought a snood last year and they are fab, cosy and less of a faff. Plus you can put them around your head to protect your ears. And some winter sparkle in the form of statement necklaces and earrings.

As for Spoonie (a term for a chronically ill person) accessories. Well again it's got to be my dreamland heat pad, (read my blog about it here), fluffy socks for my perpetually cold feet. And of course my chariot (aka wheelchair) that helps me get out and about on good days.

Favourite Halloween film
I'm not a fan of horror films. Ever since watching The Exorcist at a sleepover where the girls Mum had told her Uncle to come knock on the conservatory and mess with the handles. I can't even watch Hocus Pocus that scares me. Do you ever see pictures without people in them that look as though they should be and get a bit freaked. Was that Hocus Pocus? This Halloween I did rewatch Caspar though. I'd forgotten what a great story it was.

Favourite Autumn Nail Polish
I'm really liking navy nails at the moment. I love navy anyhow. I have the Make up Revolution one in the shade Tonight. Autumn/ Winter is also about glittery nails. For my birthday I wore the shade Majesty by Barry M, which is a gold glitter.

What are you most looking forward to this Autumn?
Well it has already been Halloween where I went to visit my friend Ali and it's also been my birthday which were the two main things I was looking forward to this Autumn. But I am looking forward to preparing for Christmas. I'm feeling all warm and fuzzy as I plan what I want to get or make for family and friends. And every Saturday I look forward to Strictly. 

I'm going to tag Lauren's Looks,  Poppy Field, and Faye from Freckles and All.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this post and that you have a cosy Autumn. What are your favourite things about Autumn?

Sian x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Get ready with me: Birthday edition

I really enjoyed putting together my last get ready with me post and have been wanting to do more ever since. However as a lot of you know I don't often get to leave the house but who says you have to leave the house to get glammed up? Especially when it's your birthday. My birthday plans were pretty low key, but high key for me. I asked if we could have a family get together at ours and I ended up having the best birthday I have had in years. Plus the fact that I got to make myself look pretty was a bonus. So here goes a step by step guide on how a chronically ill person can make themselves look a bit more presentable on their big day.

Just as I adviced in my first post do as much preperation as you can the day(s) before. Paint your nails (I used Barry M Majesty, a gold glitter colour) get your outfit ready and your make up planned. Here is the make up I decided to use and got ready the night before. I like to put all the products I'm going to use onto a tray as you will see below. As you will see in the photo below I also plaited my hair the night before, to give my hair some natural waves. I find this such a great and low energy way to get pretty hair. 
Max Factor Face Finity Foundation
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Sleek Face Form in light
Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Eyeshadow Pallette
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in black
Barry M Blink waterproof precision eyeliner
Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dazzle
Also pictured: Benefit porefessional primer but I completely forgot to use it.
Of course when it's your birthday starting your day opening presents needs to be factored in. But remember to  pace yourself. Two presents and I needed a rest, to save my energy for the rest of the day. A side note for my spoonie friends make sure you have scissors handy to help you open your presents, they come in handy when you don't have much strength.
After a rest it's time to start getting ready. First off clean your face and then moisturize. If I'm wearing more make up I like to use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion. I also used the simple eye roller ball which is great for helping your eyes feel less puffy. This time around I put my outfit on first. You will see what I wore at the end of this post but as it's your birthday what better time to dress up. Who cares if you're not leaving the house. Dress up and make yourself feel special. What I would say is if you do get dressed first then put on something to cover yourself up so you don't spill anything onto your party frock.
Start with your base. For extra coverage use a brush to apply your foundation with a brush. Then cover any red areas or blemishes with concealer (Collection lasting perfection.) 
Moving on to a bit of contouring with a little help from Vivianna's makeup YouTube channel. Thank you thank you Anna. Very well timed contouring 101video. In which she suggests contouring with a more tawny shade rather than the standard bronzey shades. Following her advice I first used some Rimmel Stay Matte powder where I would apply the contour and then using an angled fluffy brush I used the highlighter shade from my Sleek pallette to contour my cheek bones. 
Using my iconic 3 pallette I created a bronzey eye by first using the 2nd shade, which is like a shimmery light rose colour. I put this all over my lid. Then I used the 5th shade along, a darker rose colour and used this on the outer third of my eye and in the crease. Blending it all together with a fluffy brush. On my brow bone and inner corners I used the 1st shade to highlight and make my eyes appear brighter. I then had a moment of madness where I thought if I shut both eye lids I'd be able to see if the eye shadow matched. Such a classic brain fog moment. Oh why can't I see?! After chuckling to myself I lined my upper lashes with a felt tip style liner. I did try winging it out but as I have eye bags it just all bunched up and looked like a big blob. Then to finish off my eyes I used a couple of coats of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, which I think I might have inspired a few of my family to try after all their compliments.
I've recently discovered it's best to do your undereye concealer and powder after doing your eye make up so that if you get any spillage you're not then taking your concealer off and can cover up any marks. So after doing my eyes I used the Rimmel wake me up concealer under my eyes blending it in with a concealer brush and setting it with the stay matte powder. I also applied the powder over my t zone.
Then give your plaits and roots a spray with some dry shampoo. I was going to use Herbal Essences but the top is stuckso I used Co Lab in the scent Rio. These are both great dry shampoos. And there is no white resindue which is just fabulous. Rub it into your roots and let your plaits out, massaging the dry shampoo into the waves. Try not to brush your hair too much but just give it a bit of a tidy.
Then put on your lippy, blotting it with tissue to give it more staying power and then add an extra layer. 
Lastly put on your jewellery. This necklace was a gift. Put on your crown (if you have one) which was also a gift, I have some pretty awesome friends. And put on your shoes.
Next pose for full length photos. This is a very important step. Not just for blogging purposes but to look back on and think "oo didn't I look nice." Note I only wore those heels for posing. My legs were shaking so much as I no longer have the muscle tone for them, so they are wheelchair only shoes. The shoes were customised by Glam it up Laurna. I changed into a pair of black flats with a bow and gold studs. My dress is from Forever 21.
Then go enjoy your day. I had such a lovely day spent with family, and lots of cuddles with my 3 week old twin niece and nephew. And was totally overwhelmed by all the cards and gifts my spoonie friends had sent. As well as enjoying yummy food and yummier cake. 
And this was me by the end of the day. Tired but very happy.
Hope you've enjoyed this post. I'm really enjoying writing these kind of posts so hopefully I will document some more in the future. 
Sian x

Sunday, 16 November 2014

November means: Movember

Last month I wrote a post about breast cancer awareness in which I wanted to  highlight the importance of self examination for both women and men, read that post here. Educating ourselves about our bodies is our front line defence for early detection. After I wrote the post I engaged in some great conversations about the issues I had raised in my post. Furthermore I was asked if I would do a post for Movember. Admittedley it had not crossed my mind. I'm not a big fan of the mo. However having wrote the post on breast cancer I thought why not?  And I know that most my readers are women but I'm sure everyone can takeaway something from this post on how to look out for themselves or the men in their lives.

 Movember is a charity event initiated by the Movember Foundation, which started in Melbourne in 2003 and has since grown worldwide. With the moustache becoming a symbol of men's health awareness. Males sign up to grow a moustache throughout the month of November, without shaving and are often termed Mo Bro's. I always thought that Movember was to raise money for testicular cancer, however it actually is to raise money for testicular cancer, prostate cancer and issues affecting men's mental health. They help to fund projects and schemes put in place to tackle these areas of male health.Often workplaces will hold competitions to see who can grow the best moustache whilst raising money through sponsors. So if you have seen a lot of men walking around looking like they have teleported from the 70s this might be why. 

Thinking Movember was just about raising awareness of testicular cancer I was originally only going to talk about that but now that I am more clued up I'll include both cancers. With regards to mental health I have a whole month of posts planned in the month of January so stay tuned for them.
Novemember is actually the awareness month for prostate cancer, which is the most common cancer amongst males in the UK. Statistics show 1 in 8 men may get prostate cancer. It occurs when abnormal cells appear on the prostate gland, which is the gland that helps produce semen. The gland also surrounds the tube through which urine leaves the body, hence why prostate cancer sufferers or those who have an enlarged prostate may have difficulty with their waterworks. For example, needing to go more often, problems initiating urinating, poor flow or still feeling full once you have finished. This seems to be the most common symptom to look out for although often there might not be any symptoms as only when something is constricting the tube will these problems occur.

It is often (but not always) slow progressing and often contained only in the prostate without spreading to other parts of the body. However there are other types of prostate cancer that spread much quicker. It is most common in men over the age of 50 with the average age being between 70 and 74.

So what should men look out for? As the prostate is internal it is obviously difficult to know whether or not there is a problem. However any symptoms regarding problems with the waterworks then always go and see your doctor. 

Whereas prostate cancer predominantly affects older men, testicular cancer mostly affects younger males. Most commonly between the ages of 15 (yes 15) and 35. Not long ago Channel 4 presented a stand up comedy show presented by Jack Whitehall called 'feeling nuts'. Although the comedy wasn't particularly great (although Simon Callow listing lots of slang names for testies was rather amusing) the show did fulfil it's purpose in raising awareness of testicular cancer and encouraging men to check their balls. It made a change on the normal televised charity drives in that the purpose here was not to raise money but to raise awareness, educate men with all they need to know about examining themselves and what to look out for, inform them where to go if they suspect anything and ultimately to save lives. 
 By arming men with this knowledge they are giving men, especially young men the best chance of beating testicular cancer. 95% in fact. Testicular cancer is one of the most treatable cancers but only if caught in time. Therefore education and self awareness really are key issues that cannot be stressed enough. If you notice anything irregular and act on it as soon as possible then you are giving yourself the best chance. They even used the hashtag #feelingnuts to spread the message even further and especially to engage younger males who may think they are immune. 
They even provided information on how to check and what exactly you should be checking for. For more info I've included a step my step poster from pinterest, below. 
I think one of the important messages is to let young men know that they don't need to be embarrassed. And this is where programmes like 'feeling nuts' can help. But also there are charity organisations that are going to schools and colleges to talk to young men. I was also impressed to know that some work organisations were raising awareness. Even showing their male employees educational videos on self examination. You can watch the show on 4od.
The over all message here is to be aware of our bodies and to take not of any changes. As a chronically ill person I know the value of good health and I know how easy it is to be dismissive of it. So I salute the Movember Foundation and all they are doing to promote men's health. 
Sian x
Information for research for this post was gained from the following websites. Please use the links below if you would like to find out more information.
Images sourced from Pinterest

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Dreamland Heat Pad

Since the age of 14 I have pretty much had a hot water bottle strapped to me. So much so that I have had some pretty interesting markings going on. Almost a leopard print design on my tummy and lower back. Luckily animal print is in fashion. I have had trainee doctors (and some trained ones) almost reaching for the quarantine forms suspecting some tropical disease. But those with plenty of experience, especially gastro doctors, on seeing this will ask;

                                             "Do you use a hot water bottle a lot?"
I have had one registrar tell his students (after calling all 20 of them on the ward to come look, yeah thanks) that these markings are caused by prolonged use of hot water bottles and that it can therefore be an indicator of the amount of discomfort the patient has been in. As I mentioned gastroenterologists tend to pick up on this as they see a lot of patients with tummy troubles that have been using hot water bottles to ease the pain.
As an M.E sufferer again my hot water bottle has been a constant friend to help ease aching muscles, sore back, tummy troubles, neck pain, shoulder pain. Even just to keep me warm when I'm feeling really cold especially my ice block feet. The problem though was I couldn't fill it myself. So every few hours, even through the night my parents were having to fill it up again.
Then not long ago a close friend told me about Dreamlands heat pad. She had just got one and was loving using it. Especially as she suffers a lot with back and leg pain. So she was straight away recommending them to all her spoonie friends and being the hot water bottle fiend that I am I just had to investigate. And ever since it has become my new best friend. Sorry old faithful hot water bottle I have moved on. I just love it. 

I have it on for the majority of the day if I'm having a bed day and also use it if I'm downstairs on the couch. I find heat is incredibley soothing for my aching muscles. And what's more unlike a hot water bottle I can lie on the heat pad to target my lower back or neck and shoulders, which you can't do with a hot water bottles. Because it has 5 different heat settings you can also control the temperature to find what suits you best at different times. If I need it on whilst I'm asleep then I put it on a lower temperature so that I am still getting the benefit of the heat but not waking up in a sweat. 

My Mum is also a big fan because she is not getting texts every few hours to make a new hot water bottle. Especially during the night. I can simply switch the heat pad on as and when I need it (pretty much ALL the time). All that's needed is a power socket nearby. I even take mine abroad with me. It might be 35°c but I still need direct heat to sooth my aches and pains at times. Especially if I am stuck in bed. But that's where being able to control the temperature helps. The only times it can't be used is obviously when you are not close to a power socket. The cable is quite long though so you have a little bit of leeway. But curse you Premier Inn not having a power socket by the bed. So there are still occasions when the hot water bottle comes in handy. If I'm visiting someone for example. 

I think that the biggest concern that a few people raised was "are they safe?" Of course you do hear stories about electric blankets causing fires. What makes the heat pad safe is that it automatically switches off after 3 hours. Honestly this product has really been such a big help. To someone who spends most their time in some amount of pain it certainly helps take the edge off the pain. Especially when the hours between pain killer doses seem to be dragging. Based on my recommendation my sister and Nanna have since purchased one and my occupational therapist is considering getting one, as well as suggesting them to her other patients.
So if like me you are in constant need of a hot water bottle or experience chronic pain I could not recommemd the Dreamland heat pad enough. They are available from Amazon, Boots, Argos and John Lewis and priced £29.99.
Do you own one? If so what do you think? Or are you now considering getting one? Let me know what you think if you do.
Sian x
Product images from (Other than the one of my pins)