Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Get ready with me: Birthday edition

I really enjoyed putting together my last get ready with me post and have been wanting to do more ever since. However as a lot of you know I don't often get to leave the house but who says you have to leave the house to get glammed up? Especially when it's your birthday. My birthday plans were pretty low key, but high key for me. I asked if we could have a family get together at ours and I ended up having the best birthday I have had in years. Plus the fact that I got to make myself look pretty was a bonus. So here goes a step by step guide on how a chronically ill person can make themselves look a bit more presentable on their big day.

Just as I adviced in my first post do as much preperation as you can the day(s) before. Paint your nails (I used Barry M Majesty, a gold glitter colour) get your outfit ready and your make up planned. Here is the make up I decided to use and got ready the night before. I like to put all the products I'm going to use onto a tray as you will see below. As you will see in the photo below I also plaited my hair the night before, to give my hair some natural waves. I find this such a great and low energy way to get pretty hair. 
Max Factor Face Finity Foundation
Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder
Sleek Face Form in light
Makeup Revolution Iconic 3 Eyeshadow Pallette
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara in black
Barry M Blink waterproof precision eyeliner
Makeup Revolution Lipstick in Dazzle
Also pictured: Benefit porefessional primer but I completely forgot to use it.
Of course when it's your birthday starting your day opening presents needs to be factored in. But remember to  pace yourself. Two presents and I needed a rest, to save my energy for the rest of the day. A side note for my spoonie friends make sure you have scissors handy to help you open your presents, they come in handy when you don't have much strength.
After a rest it's time to start getting ready. First off clean your face and then moisturize. If I'm wearing more make up I like to use Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing lotion. I also used the simple eye roller ball which is great for helping your eyes feel less puffy. This time around I put my outfit on first. You will see what I wore at the end of this post but as it's your birthday what better time to dress up. Who cares if you're not leaving the house. Dress up and make yourself feel special. What I would say is if you do get dressed first then put on something to cover yourself up so you don't spill anything onto your party frock.
Start with your base. For extra coverage use a brush to apply your foundation with a brush. Then cover any red areas or blemishes with concealer (Collection lasting perfection.) 
Moving on to a bit of contouring with a little help from Vivianna's makeup YouTube channel. Thank you thank you Anna. Very well timed contouring 101video. In which she suggests contouring with a more tawny shade rather than the standard bronzey shades. Following her advice I first used some Rimmel Stay Matte powder where I would apply the contour and then using an angled fluffy brush I used the highlighter shade from my Sleek pallette to contour my cheek bones. 
Using my iconic 3 pallette I created a bronzey eye by first using the 2nd shade, which is like a shimmery light rose colour. I put this all over my lid. Then I used the 5th shade along, a darker rose colour and used this on the outer third of my eye and in the crease. Blending it all together with a fluffy brush. On my brow bone and inner corners I used the 1st shade to highlight and make my eyes appear brighter. I then had a moment of madness where I thought if I shut both eye lids I'd be able to see if the eye shadow matched. Such a classic brain fog moment. Oh why can't I see?! After chuckling to myself I lined my upper lashes with a felt tip style liner. I did try winging it out but as I have eye bags it just all bunched up and looked like a big blob. Then to finish off my eyes I used a couple of coats of Maybelline The Falsies Mascara, which I think I might have inspired a few of my family to try after all their compliments.
I've recently discovered it's best to do your undereye concealer and powder after doing your eye make up so that if you get any spillage you're not then taking your concealer off and can cover up any marks. So after doing my eyes I used the Rimmel wake me up concealer under my eyes blending it in with a concealer brush and setting it with the stay matte powder. I also applied the powder over my t zone.
Then give your plaits and roots a spray with some dry shampoo. I was going to use Herbal Essences but the top is stuckso I used Co Lab in the scent Rio. These are both great dry shampoos. And there is no white resindue which is just fabulous. Rub it into your roots and let your plaits out, massaging the dry shampoo into the waves. Try not to brush your hair too much but just give it a bit of a tidy.
Then put on your lippy, blotting it with tissue to give it more staying power and then add an extra layer. 
Lastly put on your jewellery. This necklace was a gift. Put on your crown (if you have one) which was also a gift, I have some pretty awesome friends. And put on your shoes.
Next pose for full length photos. This is a very important step. Not just for blogging purposes but to look back on and think "oo didn't I look nice." Note I only wore those heels for posing. My legs were shaking so much as I no longer have the muscle tone for them, so they are wheelchair only shoes. The shoes were customised by Glam it up Laurna. I changed into a pair of black flats with a bow and gold studs. My dress is from Forever 21.
Then go enjoy your day. I had such a lovely day spent with family, and lots of cuddles with my 3 week old twin niece and nephew. And was totally overwhelmed by all the cards and gifts my spoonie friends had sent. As well as enjoying yummy food and yummier cake. 
And this was me by the end of the day. Tired but very happy.
Hope you've enjoyed this post. I'm really enjoying writing these kind of posts so hopefully I will document some more in the future. 
Sian x


  1. Love the look Sian, you looked great! So many make up products there I'm a fan of too!

    I hope you had a lovely birthday :) x

    1. Thank you, lovely. I thought 'why not go all out?' for a change. No better day than your birthday to pamper yourself. Which of the products do you like?
      Hope you had a great birthday too.xx

  2. You looked wonderful Sian and your full length poses really made me smile! I love the gold glittery nail varnish xxx