Sunday, 29 June 2014

Some of my travel toiletry picks

photo source: Sian Wootton
elf tinted moisturiser with spf 20
Nivea mini roll on
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Coconut and Orchid mini Conditioner, Shampoo also available (smells divine)
Head and Shoulders mini (can be great if your scalp is dry)
All minis also available at Boots, Tesco and Asda stores
Travel sized toiletries are fantastic for so many occasions from popping in your hand bag or gym bag and any kind of trip away from home, from a weekend break to 2 weeks in the sun. They're just the right size to help you be economical with packing space but also after a longer holiday you don't need to pack them to come home. Also if you are on a flight with only hand luggage then they comply with all the security regulations.

Nowadays you can get so many of your favourite brands in a mini size, especially for travel. However if they don't then many places do a range of empty mini bottles and containers that you can fill with your favourite products. You can even get them from shops like poundworld etc. 

Aussie Miracale Moist Shampoo
Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Coconut and Orchid Shmpoo
Aussie 3 minute hair mask (for added hydration that doesn't take too long)
Simple moisturising Face wash
Original Source Lemon Shower gel
St Ives exfoliator (great for use before holiday too to prepare your sin)
Batiste dry shampoo
Palmers Cocoa Butter (I love the smell of this, literally yum)
Sensodyne sensitive toothpaste (great for all that ice cream eating)

Dry shampoo is a gift to any chronically ill person, who doesn't always have the energy or strength to wash their hair. Batiste is a great brand and they have many different kinds for different hair types. What I will say though is if you are taking in on a flight you will need to pack it in your hold luggage as aerosols are not permitted in the cabin.
Photo source: Sian Wootton
Coconut & Cream shower gel (the smell of coconut instantly reminds me of holidays)
Boots Fair Trade Cocoa Butter 
Once a day sun tan lotions can be a great idea for any one with Fibromyalgia and are very sensitive to touch, as you aren't having to reapply and rub your skin so much. P20 is great for many people and one I've used in the past but I came out in very funny sun tan lines which might have been an application problem on my part.
As for protecting your face against the sun I find a lot of sun creams too thick and therefore look for other products with a high spf. My foundation of choice is Max Factor Face Finity 3 in 1 foundation, it has an spf of 20 and as it is oil based will fair better if you are in and out of the water. Tinted moisturisers can be great but I find them a bit too dark (even the lightest) for my sick girl pallour. I am going to try a bb cream instead for sun protection and for a bit of coverage. I was thinking this one but I think a higher spf would be more beneficial. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Nivea 50ml spf 30 suncream (Superdrug)
Ambre Solaire 50ml spf 30 suncream (Superdrug)
Ambre Solaire spf 30 lip balm
Quicies nail polish remover pads (available at 99p store!)
Sudocrem mini
Make up wise try to avoid things that are loose, such as powders, blushers or bronzers as they will get jostled about whilst travelling and could cause spillages. Opt for more compact versions for your holidays. I adore my 17 cheek stamp blusher. You literally just stamp it on to the apples of your cheeks then blend with a brush. There is zero mess and it's really compact with a useful mirror too. Peachy tones can be better for Summer holidays as they don't  make you look like you've caught too much sun. Holidays bring to mind to me fresh natural make up and radiant skin. I never like to wear to much make up in warm weather anyhow as I know that it will soon just slide off. Opt for products that make your skin glow, primers and illuminators can be a great base for a bb cream or tinted moisturiser. I swear by Clarins Beauty Flash Balm to help perk up my skin year round. If you want to go for something a bolder look though then add a pop of colour to your lips. I find this also makes my eyes look bigger and is easy to get redoing.

Photo source; Sian Wootton
Make use of any sample products you have
Photo source: Sian Wootton
Available at Boots 

The top 2 are from
Bottom 2 are from

Lastly a good toiletries bag is a must. One that you can hang on a door can be really useful. Especially if it is only a small bathroom or has limited shelf space. I also love the following idea, a little bit of genius. How well would that work for camping holidays etc? And you wouldn't have to worry about dropping any bottles, which could prove difficult to pick up for the chronically ill person. 

photo source: Pinterest

I always buy new products but if you are concerned about any spillages you can try the following tip, or as my good friend Ali suggested  to put sellotape around all the lids.
photo source: Pinterest

Visit the links or any of the shops mentioned in this post to get any of the products mentioned.

What are your fave holiday products? Or Summer must have products?

Sian x


  1. I have just had this open while trying to pack a toiletry bag for going away! It's been perfect. Thanks Sian :) xxx

  2. Such a great compliment. I love soap and glory minis too, but totally forgot to mention them haha.I bought a new toiletry bag at the weekend. Where are you going to? Xx