Monday, 14 July 2014

Sleep in style

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This week, after a hectic but wonderful weekend I think this week is going to be a predominantly pyjama week. Although truthfully that is true of most weeks.  Recently I posted my first outfit post, as part of my travel series. As someone who spends a lot of time in their pj's, I do see how writing a fashion post could be quite ironic. You might not think that style/ fashion were much of a concern but actually I'd say it has come to mean more to me. My style has certainly changed since becoming ill. I'll talk some more about that in a future post because pretty soon I'm going to talking a lot more about disability and fashion....

But let's begin with what I mostly term as 'everyday wear' or 'leisure wear' and with any luck 'sleep wear'. It's the chronically ill uniform that is pyjamas.
For me pyjamas or night wear, is all about comfort. Yes, there are a lot of gorgeous nightwear out there that are pretty and skimpy and you would wear in the honeymoon phase of a relationship but when night wear becomes every day wear, and sometimes your Dad needs to spoon feed you breakfast, skimpy doesn't cut it. So it's all about being as comfortable as possible. One of my symptoms is that I often get really cold feet or the lower part of my legs. So more often than not I have too opt for long pj bottoms, even in summer and they're covered there's no way my brain will even think about sleep. On the other hand I can also suffer from night sweats and can often break out in hot flushes throughout the day because our bodies have a poor temperature gauge. So this can mean a few changes of outfit throughout the day/night.

Some of my pj's (apologies about the creases)
Here's a selection of some of my favourite pj's that I own. I have way more than this. I buy a lot of my nightwear from Primark as I think they're actually really good for what you pay and because I need quite a lot it doesn't brake the bank too much. These have actually lasted better than a pair of M&S ones my sister got me for Christmas that have completely shrunk.
I love these statement pyjamas from Forever 21. I think they sum up spoonie humour really well. We certainly would get more use out of that little black dress. If it's not very clear the black vest says "I don't hate morning people, mornings have nothing to do with it."

The supermarkets can also be great for pyjamas at great prices and of course if you're chronically ill getting things under the same roof can be useful.

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I love these zebra ones. Some of my spoonie friends have Hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and they are often referred too as medical zebras. I will explain that a bit more soon hopefully.

The Pillow Fort is a great website for your young people with a chronic illness as it really focuses on positives and learning to appreciate the smaller things in life. They also have a small shop that sells lots of fun yet essential items for spoonies. Take a look at some of their sleepwear above.

And if you want to give back and do your bit for charity in a way that's just so perfect for the chronicly ill person then Let's Do It for M.E even sell nightwear in their shops.

So there you have some of my current favourite sleepwear on the market right now and all at spoonie friendly prices. I also fully recommend reading some the lovely Meg from blog post on her favourite nightwear too. Read it here, she has some gorgeous selections.
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  1. I'm loving these fashion style posts from you! I think I get more excited at the thought of new PJs now than I do actual clothes!

    1. Thanks for the compliments as ever. I do love a good shop for pj's. In a few months, no doubt the Autumn winter hunt will happen. Must blog about that too

  2. Sarah who commented yesterday. I'm so sorry I deleted the post by accident, silly fingers. But thank you for commenting and I hope you were somewhat inspired in your quest for new pj's. x