Tuesday, 24 June 2014

The perfect travel outfit

Photo source: Pinterest

For me the perfect travel outfit is about comfort. No matter what mode of transport and obviously the longer the trip the more comfortable you will want to be. Of course that doesn't mean that you can't be stylish but just more understated. Planes/trains can be messy places so you don't want to make a mess of your best clothes. If you do want to arrive in style then I suggest packing a change of clothes in your hand luggage to change into at the airport/station. Two other things to consider are:

1. That it's a good idea to wear your heaviest items rather than pack them. So that could mean trainers and jeans in Summer or jeans, jackets and boots in Winter. If they're long boots then simply take them off on the plane for added comfort.

2. Remember planes and trains can vary in temperature. Sometimes they're boiling other times they're cold. So wearing layers can be really useful, as well as saving some space in your bag.

Photo source: Pinterest

Personally I can't wear jeans that often now because I find them too uncomfortable. I've never really favoured them for travel anyhow, nothing over 2 hours especially. So I like to opt for either leggings or jeggings. If you too struggle with these due to Fibromyalgia (a  painful condition affecting the muscles and nervous system that makes you oversensitive to touch) and these make you feel like they're strangling your legs then opt for looser trousers or even a maxi dress/skirt.

A scarf or Pashmina is also a great accessorie to have as it can be multifunctional. Again if the plane/train is cold, or for any other sick chicks who's body tempreture has difficulty regulating itself, then you can use it as a blanket. Or it can stop you from getting crumbs all over your clothes (seriously what's with becoming a really messy eater when you're travelling!) Or it can be rolled up and used as a pillow. Many people also use them to protect their throats and help prevent colds/sore throats, which can be really common after a flight. I always sound really husky the day after flying.

Photo source: Pinterest

Notice that on all the photos I've shown flat shoes that keep your toes covered. Why? Well first of all you don't want to expose your toes to any rogue suitcase driving as people whizz around the airport/station. Getting your tootsies bashed or ran over is never nice. Secondly, because again I reiterate planes/trains are messy places. If you have ever seen a river in the toilets from boys/men that have missed the bowl (which let's face it is more likely in a moving vehicle) then you will fully understand me. Again though if you want to arrive at your destination in your flip flops then pop them in your bag to change into.

If I am travelling to somewhere hot then I  like to wear a cotton dress over leggings that way I can simply take the leggings off when I get there.    

For more information on my choice of luggage see my previous post on packing your hand luggage only and packing your hand luggage. 

What are your favourite travel outfits?

Sian x


  1. Ohhh a fun little outfit post from you Sian! Love it! Comfort is everything when travelling. I always take a scarf or pashmina in my bag which I can wrap over me on the plane when it gets cold.

  2. I know branching out a bit, quite funny from someone who is mostly in their pj's