Wednesday, 18 June 2014

My packing list

photo source: Pinterest

With 7 weeks to go until my holidays (Kos again, my second home) I have started pacing already to be organized for going away. Just to be able to go on holiday is a really big deal when you have a chronic illness. It also takes a lot of planning though. Hence why I am starting so early. This week I started compiling my packing list and although I have already done a post on packing, I thought it would be good to share this too as it's more specific. Honestly, I seem to have so much to say on this subject and this travel 'mini' series is expanding by the day. Maybe I should become a travel agent when I'm healthier (always hoping.)

photo source: Pinterest

Like I said we're going to Kos again (one of the Greek isles). Were going for two weeks this time in August, so it will be HOT HOT HOT! So the following list bares those two factors in mind as well as the fact that other than eat out each night I plan to do very little bar relax in the sun with a book, have siestas, the occasional trip to the shop/bakery. I'm more of a dress wearer than separates, not sure when that happened, but I find it much easier and comfier.

Remember though each list is personal to you and your holiday but hopefully you may get some ideas from my list. Lads not sure about the bikinis though. Nor those half speedo thongs either, while we're on the subject.

So here is my list thus far:

15 days worth underwear

a few pairs of socks

6 bikinis (prob exessive to some but hey ho!)

2 pairs of shorts

4 vest tops

2 sets of sleepwear

10 dresses (or maybe more, it's a seriously tough choice)

clutch bag for evenings (big enough for phone, keys, purse)

pool/beach bag

flip flops for pool side

4 pool/beach side cover ups

2 pairs of dressy flip flops/sandals

Beach towel


Filtered water bottle


Shaver and charger/ razor

plug in heat pad

Tens machine


Make up



Plug adaptors

Insect repellent spray/ bands/ patches

plug in insect repellent for room

Insect bite cream



Hair bobbles

Throat spray (in case of sore throat after flight)

My Greek homework and notebook (which reminds me I must get practicing)


Toiletries bag



Shower gel

Face wash

Face wipes (such a God send on holiday and great to have in pool bag for keeping cool)



Tooth paste



Witch hazel gel (just great for all sorts)

Cocoa butter (great body moisturzer)

Make up

Hand luggage


Presecription/doctors note

all documents boarding card, reservations receipts, health card, insurance details, transfer details

 plastic envelope style wallet to keep documents in

Travel money/ card 

money to use at airport/ plane



Phone charger


Camera charger

ipod (load with calming music or whatever helps you block out other sounds)

Over ear headphones (or whatever works best for you to block out noise but not cause your head to pound)

Neck pillow

Travel bands

Flight socks

Extra socks



Sweets/ cough sweets (my throat always get irtitated after a plane journey, leaving me with a croaky voice)


Clear toiletries bag

Face wipes


Stick on heat pad

4head roll on

Tiger balm

Carmex lip balm

Hand sanitizer gel


I also wanted to share this cute idea that I found on Pinterest. What a great way to get your kids to help with the packing. Especially for any parents with a chronic illness. Ok, you will have to vet what they've packed, Disney Princess dresses or Spiderman suits aren't always practical (sadly) but it will still be a big help

Remember when it comes to writing your own lists to consider your research and my pre-packing  tips (click on the links to go to my blog posts.) Also remember you may need to pack some of your own food if you have special dietary requirements. As for planning snacks for the plane, you can download a free app called GateGuru which tells you what outlets there are at different airports across the globe, so you can plan easier. 



  1. I bet you can't wait for your holiday! Your travel series I'm sure is/will be so helpful to many :)

  2. 6 weeks yesterday! Must brush up on my Greek. I have just published a hand luggage only post that you may like. Also retweeted something for you on Twitter. Xx