Wednesday, 12 June 2013

brain fog

It's Wednesday today so that means only 2 more days of incaseration and I can at least watch and laugh at the latest episode of The Apprentice. Where do they get these candidates from? A couple of weeks ago one man picked up a bunch of carrots and asked what they were, unfortunately he was Welsh, so he didn't do this beautiful nation that I call home any favours but it did make me burst out laughing and as I have said many a time laughter is a great medicine. Today is also my nephews sports day so I'm fairly miffed at not being able to go. Damned legs.

It has been brought to my attention that in my post 'travelling with M.E' I misspelt the word queue or rather I used the other definition of the word and said cue. I'd like to say that that was a simple "I am a stagemanager and I have so many cues, darling" that they're consuming my brain type mistake. Or that spell checker should have picked up on this, which of course it should have, especially with this strange language of ours where we use the same word for different purposes and just change the spelling slightly. Surely someone could have invented a new word for whichever one was invented second. I think that it was probably queue , as of course we have formed our language from centuries of other languages and then decided to spell them a completely different way to how they are pronounced. This was always difficult as I learnt English as a second language, as many people do across the world today. Let's take for example the word "once"  surely it should be pronounced "on-see" and then we have the dreaded word "queue" in this form why not say "cue-youey"? Then their is the plethora of silent letters, such as know or pneumonia. What's with that? I am trying to learn Greek at the moment and even though their alphabet looks err for want of a better word well "foreign" ( see silent g again) to be fair ones you know the letters you can pronounce a word. Back to the point though of why I think queue was the latter invented. It's because queuing is a very British custom and as I said we liked to pick up words from other places. We can't stand queuing (I nearly fell victim to the cue situation there) in ours cars though can we? Mainly because you can guarantee it's on the hottest day of the year or you need to get petrol and that your bladder always decides that it is going to burst. Did you know that it is legal for a man to urinate up against the front right tyre of his vehicle on the roadside? Well now you do and now you know some of the random bits of information that float about my head. Let us all spare a though for the poor person in the passenger seat.

Now I would say I'm fairly intelligent but sometimes having M.E your brain goes void. Sometimes I can't even string a sentence together or I'll know what I want to say but can't think of the words. Sometime I even forget why I wanted to speak in the first place, which can be annoying when what you wanted to ask for was help getting upstairs and 15 minutes later you're fasto on the couch. Recently the funniest of my brain fog incidents have occurred watching 'catchphrase'; I do love that show and like to think I am a catchphrase genius by shouting out the answers. Well my two classics have been "the ears have walls" and "straight from the fishes mouth". Luckily I can laugh at myself and did find these incidents rather funny. This is why whenever I make a quick whited joke I'm secretly quite proud of myself and thank my brain for being on form for that moment. But for every crazy answer I do give a lot of good ones and I recently most definitely redeemed myself watching 'pointless' this week when I knew that the Democratic Republic of Congo was formally known as Zaire.

It can be hard to deal with, especially as I used to be always using my brain at university and in stage managing. I was even the go to proof reader for assessments because I am a massive nerd and I actually quite enjoyed doing it. Don't worry even I thought that this was a bit weird but I had it explained to me that it's because I have an eye for detail and patterns linguistically speaking and I'd like to think it's because I'm a good friend too. So finding out that I used the wrong 'queue' is a bit disappointing and then not to notice it as I edited is poor but in my defense I had been speaking 3 languages that week and quite frankly I'm only human and that is the very least of my problems.

Now that my body is really suffering I want to concentrate on using my brain more. Learning Greek is definitely helping, I just need to find some more good websites that are also free and then there's the blogging too, which I'm enjoying and I'm reading like there is going to be a book amnesty. Hopefully this should all help with the "what have I come in here for?" moments and be less embarrassing come the next series of catchphrase. If not then I'll just continue to laugh and then blog about it. And just to set the record straight I do know the difference between queue and cue.

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