Sunday, 16 June 2013

An Ode to my Dad


I may not always have loved you as much as I should have and will generally go to Mum first but that was never your failing or that you are second best. You simply do not share my love of shopping, nor do I feel as comfortable watching True Blood and lusting after Joe Mangiello with you. But you know I love you and appreciate all you do for me, which unfortunately over the last few years has become more and more. Instead of watching me spread my wings and forge my way in the world you have had to watch me curl up in pain and be confined to my room, because of this horrible condition. But because of it we have learnt to be better friends; it's just sad that it had to stem from something so horrible.

I love how we laugh together and even at each other, although let's face it, it's usually me laughing at you. How we get competitive watching Pointless or sing along to Neil Diamond in the car. I know I love to wind you up but that's because sometimes it's just too easy, with your insistence on always using the same spoon and love of hovering. It's just too easy to move the spoon  to a different drawer and who can forget Mr Cucumber pants, (I know that sounds wrong to all you out there, so I best explain.) Last year on holiday Dad decided to leave his swimming shorts out on the sunbed to dry as he went out for a walk and by the time he got back there was a man made out of pool noodles and a football wearing his shorts lying on the sunbed, ahem complete with cucumber and mushrooms. Let me say for the record that the cucumber was not my idea!! But it was hilarious. So yes you do get a lot of stick and are probably fed up of me waking you up in the night because I can't get down the stairs for a hot water bottle or more pain killers but that's because you sleep closest to the door. I do hate asking but I wouldn't ask if I didn't need to, not even I am that annoying even if I feel it and always apologise profusely.

Watching me suffer must be difficult and that is one of the reasons that I will try to keep my humour. To let you know that I'm still fighting and appreciate all that you and Mum do for me and of course because you make me laugh. Like just now when a liquorice allsort just fell out of your lap. I wish above all else that things were different but that I cannot change. I can only continue fighting and laughing and with yours and Mum's help I will get some quality of life back. So this Father's Day I just wanted to say Thank you with all my heart  and that I love you. So in all the crap that has come with this condition it can never take away our bond and I am grateful that we have become closer. I know it may feel like you're hopeless to help, but let me tell you laughter and hot water bottles may be small in size but mean the world and taking me on holidays as well of course. You and Mum are my rocks and I am a very lucky lady.

Sian xx


  1. He's a lucky man to have a daughter like you. And you to have a father like him. Probably not lucky - more like a testament to you both.