Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Travel toiletries update

Just a little update on some travel toiletries that I wanted to share with you all. At the weekend I went shopping (woo! Round of applause for that!) and found a cute new toiletries bag, one that I can hang on the back of doors etc. If you only have a small bathroom with limited shelf space or say you are on a cruise or a caravan then these can be a great solution. This one is also waterproof which can be useful. They're so great as you can separate your things into different compartments. The only thing I would say is that if you're going somewhere hot then don't keep your make up in it as the extra steam from the shower could cause your make up to melt. If you have a fridge in your room then hog it with your make up.

It also came with a floral drawstring bag too. That will be great for extra storage or for putting a travel hair dryer in. Or even as a small laundry bag for a weekend trip. I plan to use it as my essentials bag for the plane, to put all the things I'm likely to need within the first half an hour of the flight in. I think it will be good for that as it can be hung up too. I got this from Forever 21. They also have them on their website at www.forever21.com 

Whilst there I also picked up this make up bag. Also available on their website, as well as a black version. I got this as I thought the selection of brushes was good. Usually with a travel set you only get 5, but because these are double ended you get a wider selection. And the make up bag itself also has a clear panel so you can use it in your hand luggage if you want.

In my original post I was also looking for a bb cream to use on holiday, to help protect my skin in the sun but offer me good coverage. After asking for advice on instagram and searching Pinterest I got a few recommendations and off I popped to Boots to try some out. It was in the evening so not all the counters were manned but there was a lady on the Smashbox counter and as it was one  that was recommended I asked for some help. This Camera Ready BB cream has a high level of sunscreen at factor 35 and it also offers good coverage. And as it says it preps your skin for those ample photo opportunities on holiday, by priming the skin and evening up your skin tone while covering up any blemishes. It's really light too. I can't wait to use it on holiday. I used it one day last week on a crazily muggy day and despite my face dripping from the heat it still offered good coverage. I found it better than a foundation in this hot weather as my skin could breathe more. They also have a CC cream in am spf 30 if you want to even up your skin tone, which actually might be good if your face gets a funny tan.

I have been meaning to get to Superdrug for a while to stock up on some travel toiletries, many of which I mentioned in my original post but just haven't got there. However, they do have free delivery when you spend more than £10 online, which I thought was great and consequently took advantage of. As you can see I got the mini Nivea suncream lotion, protective lip balm, Simple moisturizing face wash and some Palmers Cocoa Butter as I mentioned in the post. I also got a tea tree exfoliating cream, tea tree is great for calming your skin and regular exfoliating on holiday can help develop that tan. I also got a raspberry and strawberry shower gel as I thought it would smell divine, probably not mixed with the tea tree though, so it may get used on other occasions. Superdrugs own mini shower gels come in great sized bottles. I find some of the others like Dove or Nivea too tiny for longer holidays. I also got some scalp protection spray by Malibu. Malibu is just the smell of holidays. I got this as the tops of our heads are so vulnerable to sun burn. Although I plan on wearing a hat most the time in the sun but it's good to have that added protection and because the suns rays can still get you. It's only a factor 15 though, so I will be using it fairly regularly.

I can't believe I didn't mention Soap and Glory in my original post. I love these but I don't actually have many products. Probably as I don't go into Boots that often (sometimes that shop overwhelms me.) They always have great gift sets around Christmas so they are great presents. I love the body butter and hand food.

In this muggy weather and because my tablets make me really thirsty, I've been trying to keep myself well hydrated. Which can sometimes be funny when your legs aren't working properly. But I think this will help prepare my body and skin for my holiday too. We've resorted to using a jug so I have enough and am not constantly asking for a drink but actually it's a good way to keep track of how much you are drinking. I've been using some rehydration tablets too to help with heat induced cramping and just being a complete sweaty Betty and I find they help. I will be taking a pack on holiday with me. My packing list is getting very long!

Another thing I'll quickly mention on this topic and is getting a well deserved spot in my suitcase is a filtered water bottle. I spoke a bit about them in my packing post, but basically they are a re-useable water bottle that has a filter in the neck. This means that you can drink the tap water and all the impurities that you might have been worried about get filtered away. Saving you a small fortune on buying bottles of water and giving you a few more pennies to spend on ice cream or bracelets.

On the weekend I'm also hoping to go to the spa for Body Silk Glistener treatment. This is a full body exfoliation and moiturising treatment to help get your skin all scrubbed and fresh and ready for the sun. So I'm looking forward to that. 

How do you like to prep your skin for holidays?  Let me know in the comments.



  1. I love soap and glory products! The clean girls shower gel is my fave but I like the clean on me too! Hope you have a fab time away xxx

  2. Oooh I love the smell of malibu! And i love Soap & Glory! I never knew you could get free postage over £10 at Superdrug, dangerous knowing that ;-) sounds like you're very organised & you will have a lovely time but will miss you xx