Saturday, 7 February 2015


In this busy world that we live in in which life runs at break neck speed and we have all the information we could possibly need at our finger tips (thanks Google) it can be very easy to kept swept away by it all. Everyday life can become a series of  connected patterns and rituals. You get up each morning having set the alarm for the same time each week day, shower, get changed, grab breakfast, then leave for work at the same time each day. They just become integral parts to our day and become so embeded, due to their frequent use, that you don't even give them much thought anymore. You just do them semi automatically, drawing on muscle memory. Going through the motions as they say.
However while having these patterns are effective and necessary living life in a constant pattern or as though you are following a check list it can also push out emotion. So every now and again it's really important to say stop! Stop the ride. And do a spotcheck to ask yourself some important questions.
Am I happy?
When was the last time I felt truly happy?
When was the last time I had a really good laugh?
Do I have good friendships?
Do I feel supported?
Do I feel loved? (not just romantic love)
Questions that get lost in all that daily grind but questions that we need to ask ourselves from time to time.
Hopefully the answer will be yes. But if it isn't then it's time to start asking yourself why? Why aren't you as happy as you perhaps should be? Perhaps the answer is something simple or maybe it's something a bit more life changing. Either way there's some decisions to be made and a good deal of thinking time. But you know when it comes to investing in your happiness it's certainly worth the time. And if you don't think so well then think about that too. Because unless you're a really really terrible person (and I'm talking the really bad stuff) then you deserve to be happy.
Sian x

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