Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Love February

First of all have you seen my new blog banner? Talk about love. Thank you so much to the fabulous Charlotte for creating this illustration. Her blog is http://mookpixie-chronicills.blogspot.co.uk/, so go check it out.
February is the month we most assossciate with love. Although I could argue that December is more worthy of the title with it being the month of spending Christmas with family and friends and showing them how much you care. But anyhow... February is still a month when love in all it's red roses and heart shaped ballooned glory is celebrated.
Following on from my January blues series of posts on mental health I wanted February to be a month of facing those issues raised in my January posts and deal with a love that many of us forget about. And that is the love we have for ourselves. Sound arrogant? Well no, this is not about arrogance it's about self confidence and self worth. Sound cheesy? Ye, maybe. But loving ourselves is important and can trigger a deeper sense of wellbeing.
And it's not about being selfish. Because actually although you need to think about yourself, being generous and devoting times to others can promote that sense of well being. As long as it's done genuinely of course.
So things will be getting a bit warm and fuzzy around these parts (and oh boy does that sound wrong). I'll be chatting confidence, self worth as well as some fun posts on things to do to to promote happiness for yourself and others.
I'd love to know what you do to make yourself feel good. Or what makes you feel more confident.  Leave me a comment.
Take care everyone
Sian x


  1. LOVE the new banner!
    To make myself feel better I always indulge myself, I have a lovely bath, relaxing candles and music, paint my nails and just chill. It helps me to de-stress and unwind and makes me feel refreshed :)

    1. Well what else is a stuck indoors mermaid to do?! Got to love a good bath. Unfortunately now I have my bath step I can't lie down in the bath as it just won't budge. X