Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ootd: My travel outfit

Hat: From previous holiday
Cardigan: Primark
Denim shirt: George at Asda
Dress: George at Asda
Shoes: Primark

I chose this outfit to travel in. I chose a maxi dress as I thought it would be perfect for covering my lower legs, the area that get's cold easily but also keep me cool enough on the plane and when we arrived. Also because I had heat rash on my legs so I didn't want to aggravate that. Maxi dresses or skirts are also a great idea if you need to put on flight socks as you can do so easily.

I added some layers as it was an early morning start so would be cool and also because my temperature fluctuates so this gave me a bit more control. I also packed a pashmina in my carry on luggage just in case.

I realise I said about not wearing flip flops or peetoe shoes in my post on the perfect travel outfit. However I really wanted to take these shoes and had little room for them. Plus I avoided the bathroom on the plane. I did regret it slightly when someones case fell over onto my foot whilst being wheeled up the aisle of the plane. I also wore my hat to protect it from getting crushed in my case and it came in handy for protecting my eyes as I was sat by the window.

And of course my trusty wheelchair completes the outfit and allows me to be there in the first place.



  1. Looking sexy! I had to wear my big floppy hat on the plane too, nobody wants a squashed hat!

    1. Thanks. They're handy but are awkward when you're on the plane. What do I do with this?

  2. Looking gorgeous & oh you little monkey as I only wore proper shoes because of you ;-) haha xx

    1. How did I know you would say that hehe. I was even going to write 'sorry Ali'. xx