Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Holiday Lookbook

Hey, just a little post to share some of my holiday outfits. For a woman that's usually in her pj's getting dressed up is a treat and so when I can, I like to make an effort and where better than on holiday. I seem to be going through a floral phase at the moment but that's no bad thing, especially when there are so many gorgeous prints about. I'll leave details of any newer purchases below each photo. Or if you want more info let me know in the comments.

Dress: Forever 21
You can't really see from this photo but it also has a keyhole front.
This dress is gorgeous not ideal for wheelchaira though because it has a slit in both sides making the material likely to catch in your wheels. I had to hold it up.

Jewellery set: Made by me (I did mean to wear them but completely forgot)

Dress: Forever 21
The photo of the necklace shows fabric of the dress
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: from holiday
Nails: CG Line (Greek company)

Dress: Primark
Shoes: Tesco
Bracelet: Made it myself

Dress: Induldge
Bracelet: from holiday

Dress: Forever 21

Hat: from holiday
Bikinis tops: Freya Swim and Fantasie
Bikini bottoms: Freya Swim, Fantasie, Primark and Tesco
Headband: Forever 21
Glasses: Ray Ban (from holiday)



  1. Love this post :-) You look gorgeous. I like dressing up on holiday too, we should have a day a month & get dolled up with our heatpads ;-) xx

    1. Just our heat pads oh I say ;-) Going to defo get dolled up more when I can. Thank you xx

  2. You look gorgeous Sian! How didn't all of the Greek men fall head over heels in love with such a beautiful English rose?!

    1. Did you just call me English?? ;-) And of course I have many a Greek suitor. X

  3. Replies
    1. Haha Daz I've been waiting for a comment from you. Thanks. Doing my bit for the disabled folk image