Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Packing tips

Such pretty cases; photo source Pinterest

It's finally time to get packing those bags to go away. I wish! Firstly, the golden rule if you have a chronic illness, as highlighted in my pre-packing/ planning post is to leave the week before you go away as free as possible for resting. This is also a useful tip for anyone wanting to take away some of that pre-holiday stress, you know that feeling when you're so stressed with so much to do that you need a holiday?

Again for anyone with a chronic illness get as much help packing as possible. You can supervise with your list and with all the preperation you have done. 

For clothes that are more likely to crease put them all together at the end of the rack in your watdrobe, to put into your case the day before going away.

Again, always work from a list, so not to forget anything. Below I have put two photos of comprehensive lists of the types of things you need. You can print copies of these and view larger versions by opening the links from my pinterest. You can use these as a starting point and then write a more specific one, 'blue floral print dress' for example. Descriptions are great if you are not able to sort through your own things and getting help with packing.  

photo source Pinterest

Photo source Pinterest

Know your baggage allowance and any sizing restrictions and adhere to them, those fines are hefty. Always weigh your bags at home before you go.

I have been looking up some packing tips on Pinterest too. Some of my favourites are 22 Easy Tricks To Make Packing So Much Better, some seem a bit extreme but others look genius, one of which being to use a foldable wardrobe storage, like you would use for camping to pack foldable clothes that you can then put straight into the wardrobe in your room. Another favourite was from twotwentyone, that has some useful tips for packing jewellery and keeping things organized.

Other tips are to always put the heaviest items at the bottom of your case

I'm sure many of you have heard that rolling your clothes is better and more economical with space, rather than folding. However I read a great tip about folding on the way there and rolling on the way back to know you have room for any purchases.

Wear your heaviest items to travel in, trainers for example or carry your coat.

Put the items that you are likely to need first at the top of your case. A change of clothes etc. Often for those with a chronic illness that is pyjamas, to rest after travelling.

I also pre-pack my beach/pool bag, with towel, sunglasses, sun cream, flip flops etc, so that I am not having to pull everthing out to find things. I can simply grab that bag and get soaking up those rays.

I saw a great tip on Pinterest and have included a photo of below, it applied to travelling with children but I think it could work for adults too. It was to create and bundle together an outfit for each day, so for example t-shirt, shorts, socks, underwear, hair accessories then place each bundle in a zip loc or vacuum bag and label with a day for each day that you will be away. Then do another bag for swimwear and pyjamas and some extra clothing just in case. If they are creasable then take each outfit out of the bag the night before and spray lightly with a water spray and hang up. I think this could work well for many people. As for children it promotes responsibility and helps them get dressed by themselves.

A great thing to pack is a refillable water bottle with a filter, such as this one on Amazon. They may be expenisve initially but think of the money you will save on buying bottled water, whether you're abroad or on a cruise. Also lessens the rush to get to the shops and allows you to refill at the airport without purchasing another bottle.

If the bathroom is small in your accommodation or does not have much shelf space use an over the door washbag or one of those shoe holders (as seen inn photo beleow) to store your toiletries. This is great for cruises or caravan holidays.

As well as luggage tags, which could easily rip off put a piece of paper with your home address and holiday address on, on top of all your items inside your case, making it easier to be sent to you should it go missing.

This isn't a packing tip as such but could come in handy for anyone travelling with young children. If your accommodation only has a shower, consider buying an inflatable paddling pool or boat to be used as a bath. Guess that could be used for spoonies too. Remember you can tranport 2 pieces of medical equipment with you, free of charge, so one of these could be a shower stool or wheelchair.

Check out my post on special assistance and medication for more information on travelling with medical equipment. 

Do check out Pinterest packing tips for lots more tricks and nifty ideas.

Anymore packing tips then please leave a comment. Remember to pace as much as possible and get help where possible too. You may notice I've not mentioned hand luggage, well fear not that is coming up next. I thought it deserved a post of it's own seen as it would be carrying the majority of your spoonie and travel survival toolkit.



  1. Great tips! I like the idea to pack outfits for each day, you could do it for weather so prepare an outfit suitable for a cloudy day, or a wet day etc, it would save energy rummaging in your suitcase looking for appropriate things. Ryanair are now allowing you to take hand luggage like normal, and a handbag too, which I think is great so you could keep pain meds, sweets, a drink etc by your feet on the plane. Are you planning on taking any trips this year?

    1. Yes that would be a good idea. I was mostly focussed on warm weather packing but that is a great tip. Compartmentalizing your suitcase could save a lot of effort. I was just thinking about that with Ryanair, planning my next post in my head. I just hope people don't abuse it too much, there is never enough room but great for people who only have handluggage for short trips.

      I am off to Kos again in August. Itching to go now and be outside and social everyday. Need to start polishing up my greek in the mean time and work on my plane anxiety. I panicked so much on my last flight. Plus my head suffered quite a bit.