Thursday, 3 April 2014

Charity Jewellery

Whilst I'm working on some more posts and making slow progress on them I thought that in the interim I would share with you some of the jewellery that I have made. All the jewellery in the photos below have been made for M.E awareness, blue being the colour of M.E awareness and purple for Fibromyalgia. Half the proceeds from all sales goes into the just giving account for out Princesses and M.E event. Raising money for Invest in M.E, a charity raising awareness and funds for biomedical research, a centre of excellence to treat patients and better education about the illness. All matters that are close to us M.E sufferers hearts.

So take a browse at my jewellery and if you would like to order something then leave me a comment or contact me on Twitter. What's more anyone that donates to our cause and this includes purchasing jewellery is entered into a prize draw to win elf cosmetics, a hug box or a hamper of traditional sweets. This is thanks to some amazing people who are gladly helping us spread the word.

Donations can be made here to anyone on the team page to be entered into the draw as long as you include your name, so that we can trace you.

Hopefully I'll have some more posts up soon.

Sian x

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