Sunday, 2 March 2014

Something good happened!

So I just wanted to share that last night I managed to get out to a friends 30th birthday party. I'm suffering today so it will be a short post and I'll put in some photos after all the effort it took to glam up and look less like a blobfish.

All week I'd had my fingers crossed, hoping to go but my health was really poor. Not just M.E either but my stomach decided it wasn't very happy either, which of course only went and made the M.E even worse. However I woke up yesterday and lay very still and tried to preserve some energy. And Hallelujia! I was feeling well enough to go.

I paced getting ready, doing my make up in bed then lying down before getting dressed with some help. I was dreading using up all my energy getting ready and then feeling to bleugh to be able to go out, which has happened before. But all went to plan.

My sister came with me to help me navigate and to go to the bar and attack the buffet for me. Hehe she did look a greedy piglet carrying two plates worth. Also because it's nice to have some time with my sister and give our parents a little break. Navigating the multi storey car park was funny as it was one without lifts, so we had to use the ramps. They're blinking steep! Luckily my sister was not wearing high heels. That honour was all mine. I have taken to viewing needing to use a wheelchair as an opportunity to wear heels. I wouldn't be able to otherwise. Although I did have some flats to get to the car. We also had to go over a speed bump, photo included below. I had to take a photo as I found it so hilarious.

We had to rearrange some furniture to get to a table at the back of the room. I thought that would be best what with all the sensitivities to noise and light that comes with M.E and also to avoid being knocked. It just so happened that a friend was sitting there too. Unfortunately the heating in the room was on the blink, much taking apart of gas cannisters was happening. It was so cold, I think that might have had a big affect on today's 'hangover'. Hunching up and the cold have left my muscles very stiff and sore. The noise didn't bother me too much and the disco lights only began to irritate me when they made the rest of the room pitch black, which was also a bit scary to navigate in. I could have done with some lights of my own, as well as a horn.

I didn't stay too long but I was just so made up to have got out and do 'normal' things. My friend was so made up that I made it out too. The payback was worth it! We have to look after our sanity sometimes over our bodies otherwise we will resent the illness even more.

Enjoy the pics. 1) The earrings I made to go with my outfit. 2) My outfit 3) Flat shoes to walk to the car 4) The speed bump!


  1. Glad you had an enjoyable night! Here's to the next one. ��

  2. Well done! Love the earrings!!