Monday, 10 March 2014

Let's Do It For M.E Research and Introducing Love Freckled

Love Freckled products available on

I have spoke before about a charity called Invest in ME a charity that is raising funds for biomedical research into M.E as well as raising awareness about the illness. Much of the funding is done through a patient led cause called Let's Do It For ME, you can learn more about them here. Their aim is to raise funds for Invest In ME and fund a centre of excellence, where patients will recieve specialist help and advice, as well as training for doctors and healthcare professionals. You can learn more about the centre here. Also with the help of biomedical research they will be able to offer clearer diagnosis, it is shocking that many who may believe that they have M.E may infact have something else that has not been diagnosed.

This will be life changing for so many sufferers. Bringing hope that finally we may have some answers and regain fuller lives. Just to be able to go into a place where they fully understand M.E and it's impact on patients will be refreshing. Many M.E sufferers really struggle in hospitals because of the busy environment, the constant noise and the awful strip lighting. I'm actually struggling to find the words to describe what this will mean for the future of M.E patients and I don't think that is just the brain fog. It would be a saving grace. Too many people are suffering, over 250,000 in the UK alone, without any clear idea as to why, how best to treat the condition and with no idea whether a cure will be found. We need this centre and this is why the work that Let's Do It For M.E do to promote funding for Invest In M.E Research is so important. They're striving to make M.E known, to raise awareness and give hope to all sufferers that something is being done to help; that we don't have to just 'put up and shut up' as it were.

In my post about crafting I mentioned some of the current events and initiatives that are happening, such as 92 IN 92 and MakeMECraft. There is also The Big Sleep For ME, but more on that in another post, there are big plans amongst the Twitter spoonies. You can get information on all the different fundraisers on their website or blog. There is also lot's of cool spoonie related merchandise on their shop. Invest in Me can also be supported through clothes for charity, simply order your charity bag, fill it up with unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories and then arrange collection. Your chosen charity gets £200 pounds per tonne of clothes. There are so many ways to help fundraise, many at no additional cost to you. These can all be found here. There are so many ways you can get involved, I could go on and on.

Finally I wanted to promote a new seller on MakeMECrafts, LoveFreckled. Check out a preview of some of her products in the photo collage at the top of the post. I think these keyrings and bag charms are adorable and will certainly get noticed; hopefully sparking converstaions about M.E and spreading awareness. I also love the inspirational messages on them. These will be available through MakeME with donations being made to Invest in Me. Janet, the creator of these charms is also one of the co-founders of Let's Do It for ME and suffers from the illness herself. Follow her on Twitter at @lovefreckled.

Please spread the word about Invest in ME and Let'd Do It For ME and donate if you can. All links are available on my useful links page. It's about time we had some answers.

Sian x

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