Wednesday, 17 July 2013

We're having a heatwave...

Or what was once known as Summer as  I saw an ingenious quote say the other day . I can't tell you who said it because my brain is drawing a blank on that one but I'm sure it was on a social network site. Anyway I for one am enoying the heat and trying my best to get out (as in into the garden) when I can to soak up some vitamin D. Hoping it will work some of its healing powers. Usually I look to heat to help soothe any aches or pain and also for comfort. I am very often seen with a hot water bottle strapped to me somewhere. Of course that is not always possible when it is so hot outside but I still have the odd cheeky one when I'm desperate for some more help fighting the pain.

However over the past couple of days I actually think the heat may be making my pain worse. My muscles are so tight and quite crampy. I'm making sure I drink plenty and am taking my neurontin and cocodomol tablets but still my legs are just pure agony. It's making me so sick and teary. My arms are also sore from having to massage my legs so often to try and loosen them up. But I have not been having much success. So I have booked a proper massge for Sunday- Oh please hurry up!! Seems so long away, right now. Will also be ringing up the doctor tomorrow for some ideas on the how to manage the pain levels better.

Anyone have any other ideas on how to manage extra pain in the heat? Would be much appreciated. Apologies for the short post, my brain is a bit foggy and can't focus.

So Goodnight all, well I hope

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