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How to set up an individual fundraising page

As many sufferers are too unwell to set up their own fundraising pages and keep up with them group fundraising pages for a number of charities have already been set up, to make things even easier should you wish to help Team Princess' fundraising campaign. You can simply share the links, which you can find here, (please note not all event pages for btmydonate aren't set up yet but will be as soon as possible:

Justgiving team page
Action for ME
ME Association
Invest in ME
ME Research UK

BT mydonate
Smile for ME event page

However here are the details of how to set up your justgiving and btmydonate page should you wish to set up an individual fundraising page for a charity of your choosing as part of The Princesses and M.E event.


Most the stages can be completed via the mobile version of the website, however to personalise your page, you may want to switch to the full site for ease of use, as pointed out in the steps below. If you are on your mobile simply click use visit full site at the bottom of the home page.

1) Go to www.justgiving.com and click get started. You will then be prompted to log in if you already have a just giving account, or you can create a new account. Alternatively you can sign in via facebook or download the free justgiving app. If you are already logged in click start fundraising.

2) Click the fundraising for a charity option.

3) In the search bar type in the name of the charity you wish to support and press select. Remember you can choose from:

ME Association
Invest in ME
ME Research UK
ReMEmber ME
Action for ME

4) On the next page select the taking part in an organised event option.

5) Even though I've already put in the event it doesn't come up as an option if you search so you need to click add your own.

6) On the next page, where it says tell us about your event, in the it's a... drop down box select other.

7) called... type The Princesses and M.E/ Team Princess.

8) starts on 12th May 2016
     ends on 12th May 2016

9) Choose a web address for your page for example justgiving.com/princesssian

10) Answer yes or no to the questions

If you are planning to make items to be sold in return for donations you will need to answer yes. Or if you are planning to auction anything please let us know in advance as there are rules and regulations and terms and conditions have to be put in place. Please note that online raffles are not allowed due to licencing laws.

11) Check or uncheck the contact options

12) Press create your page.

13) Now your page is created you can personalise it. If you are having problems saving the information using the mobile site, switch to the full site.

14) Add a photo of yourself or you can use the Team Princess logo.

15) Where it says tell us what you are doing write becoming a princess for M.E awareness day... because I want to make a difference.

16)  If you wish to set a fundraising goal amount you can, remember though every penny is great and not to put too much pressure on yourself.

17) Tell your supporters your story. You can copy the following (forewarning copy and paste doesn't seem to work as I found out creating 7 pages!) :

Non sufferers will need to adapt the wording to suit them. Also adapt to make it more personalised should you wish.

As some of you will know I suffer from a chronic illness called M.E a neurological illness that has dramatically changed my life.

This year I am joining Team Princess and taking part in The Princesses and M.E event, a group of M.E patients and supporters that are becoming Princesses on May 12th. In the hope of raising awareness of M.E and fundraise for the charities that do such a great job in supporting patients and those close to them.

Our ultimate fairy tale would be finding a cure for this villain of an illness that has locked us away from the world. Or even a magic potion that was an effective treatment. That would be an absolute dream come true.

You can find out more about Team Princess on our facebook page www.facebook.com/meprincesses

18) Say which charity you have chosen and why?

 19) You can personalise your page even more by adding more photos, videos, updates and even choose a colour scheme for your page.

20) You can also personalise the message that donors receive when they make a donation, thanking them for their generosity.

21) To make it even easier for people to donate you can also set up a text code. Learn more about how to do that here.

22) Link your page to our team page, so we can keep track of our overall total. Our team page is www.justgiving.com/teams/teamprincess2016 Simply visit the page and click on join the team.

BT mydonate

Donations can be made directly to Team Princess on the event page but if you want you can set up your own fundraising page. Just a note at the time this post is published all the event pages might not be set up as the charities might not have set it up as yet.

1) Go directly to the event page and press start fundraising.

2) Page title- for example Princess Ali's fundraising page

3) Page summary- My fundraising page for The Princesses and M.E event, which aims to raise awareness of M.E and fundraise by becoming Princesses for the day.

4) About you- share your story and why you have joined Team Princess. As well as why you have chosen this charity.

5) Enter a target if you wish to set a fundraising goal, remember though every penny is great and not to put too much pressure on yourself.

6) Upload a photo of yourself or the Team Princess logo.

7) Upload a banner image. This could be the Team Princess logo.

8) Upload any additional photos you wish to use.

9) Create a web address for your page for example https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/princessali

10) Answer yes or no to the questions. Please note there is no team page for Team Princess on btmydonate.

11) Select if you would like updates from your charity and when you would like to be notified of activity to your page.

12) Write a personal message that donors will receive when they make a donation.

13) Select create your page.

And it's as simple as that!

Good luck with your fundraising.


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