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Princess interview with Princess Emma

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When were you diagnosed? And were you ill for long before then?
I was diagnosed by a hospital consultant in June 2010 but I had been extremely poorly since December 2009.

What did you do before you had ME?
The year I got ill felt like the start of my life, I gained self confidence, had fun with my friends and a summer job filling in for an opair. After finishing my A-levels I went to uni at the London College of Fashion which was a 3 hour round commute. So I was a very busy girl!

How did ME first present itself in you?
In September 2009, one week into uni I had a really bad bout of sinusitis. I felt so awful that on my 19th birthday I was in bed by 7pm. It lasted about a month, then a week after being well again I had a flu jab, and after that is when I noticed sometimes was really wrong. Apart from feeling flu-like the first most worrying symptom was the agonising pains in my legs. It's only now when I look back that I see that earlier that year I had a few symptoms when I was dealing with finishing my A-levels. I would go shopping for art supplies but get bad headaches from the lights in shops, it seemed to stop over the summer though.

What is the biggest thing that you miss that ME has stopped you from doing?
Being a normal adult, finishing uni and being independent. All the milestones healthy people have the opportunity to take, first proper job, moving out, travel etc. I depend on my mum and family so much I feel like a child at times. It makes me sad to think how much I've missed out on.

How do you remain hopeful and/or happy?
I've always believed that I will get better. That thought has kept me going. I try to take every day as it comes and generally have a positive outlook if I don't think too hard about my situation. My mum and my cats, my friends and online friends help so much. I do struggle a lot with the boredom but being able to focus on my blog helps that.

What were your reasons for joining The Princesses and ME/ Team Princess?
I've always wanted to fund raise for ME Research UK and raise more awareness, last May I discovered Team Princess and loved the idea which is why this year I'm joining in. I love how it's something we can do without leaving home if we can't.

Do you have any specific plans for what you are going to do for the event?
I'm planning on taking blog photos of my princess outfit this week in a beautiful local location. I'm so excited about sharing my dress and tiara or should I say tiaras! I also want to explain the illness more on my blog. Lastly I have been making personalised original watercolour illustrations to sell which has been fun.

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
1. Firstly that anyone who suffers with a chronic illness would wake up tomorrow feeling amazing, healthy and free of pain.

2. Secondly for everyone in this world to get along!

3. (Thirdly for 50 more wishes, with reminder when getting low!!) but if that's not an option I would wish for my friends and family to always be healthy and happy.

Which Disney Princess do you most relate to?
Rapunzel - I feel like I'm locked away by this illness but able to watch everyone else live. 

Thank you Emma for taking the time to complete the interview. You can learn more about Emma on her blog Emma's Looking Glass. She is fundraising for ME Research UK and you can donate to her at

I hope you have enjoyed this series of Princess interviews. Thank you to all that took part and helped raise awareness by sharing your stories. You can keep up to date with all the latest Team Princess news, on our facebook page On May 12th we will be running an auction of some great items to help us raise money for our chosen charities. There are some great items on there so be sure to take a look. Bidding opens 7pm Tuesday 12th May. You can also support us on our justgiving page, donations are greatly appreciated and mean the better chance of a fairy tale for all of us Princesses. We want a cure not a curse.

Thank you again

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