Sunday, 29 March 2015

Princess interview with Princess Jac

Today we're going International, to a land down under to speak to our Royal Aussie, Princess Jac. This year as Team Princess are supporting more charities, Jac will be fundraising for the Australian charity Change for ME.

When were you diagnosed? And were you ill for long before then?
May 1992 2-3yrs
What did you do before you had ME?
How did ME first present itself in you?
Recurrent viral infections including but not limited to upper respiratory, and chest, severe fatiguability and post exertional malaise, new aches and pains, new headaches, persistent sore throat. Some brainfog.
What is the biggest thing that you miss that ME has stopped you from doing?
Career goals. I wanted to be a doctor, ironically enough. And sport. I do miss my sport. And love. It's hard to find romance when you're mostly housebound.
How do you remain hopeful and/or happy?
That's an ongoing struggle. The friends who've stuck with me through a quarter of a century of illness, my mum and my little dogs (three over the years). And finding the little things that I enjoy that don't completely wipe me out.
What were your reasons for joining The Princesses and ME/ Team Princess?
The need to raise awareness as well as funds!
Do you have any specific plans for what you are going to do for the event?
Still in the planning stage.
If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
Health. Love. And woodland animals to help me with house/garden work.
Which Disney Princess do you most relate to?
Personality wise, probably Elsa from Frozen, but looks, Snow White or Belle.

Thanks Jac, for taking the time to do this interview and helping to raise awareness of what life with M.E is really like.

Queenie x

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