Thursday, 9 October 2014

It's the little things

Having a chronic illness as you can imagine you have to deal with some pretty big things. Exhaustion, pain, disability, the loss of your independance. But within those all consuming symptoms there are a number of smaller symptoms, or should I say oddities? Little things that can actually have a big impact on our health at times. Here is a short list of some of the little ways my body likes to remind me I'm a sick chick.
1. What you get up to in your dreams can determine how exhausted or in pain you feel the next day. And often our dreams can be very vivid. Cue smutty jokes.

2. Colours can be too bright. This Summer's neon trend was eye watering at times. And too long in the kids toys section can induce a lovely migraine.

3. You cannot go anywhere near the washing detergents aisle in a supermarket for the smell.

4. Music and sounds can make you really ill. Especially music with a heavy bass.

5. You will no longer be able to tolerate the smell of some foods

6. And with that no longer be able to eat them. Goodbye roast dinners.

7. Socks can be painful.

8. As can close fitting leather (pleather) boots

9. But you need to wear socks almost all of the time because your feet get really cold. And not just 1 pair.

10. I usually need to wear long trousers because my lower legs get really cold too. Pants tucked into socks anyone?  If I'm wearing a dress I'll usually end up with a blanket

11. On hot days you can be shivering and wrapped up in a blanket.

12. On bad fibromyalgia days a sheet can actually feel very heavy and cause pain.

13. As well as the feel of your clothes on your skin. Equally uncomfortable.

14. If you're typing and watching telly or listening to a conversation at the same time you will end up typing what's being said.

15. Taking straws with you when you go out because you can't always lift a glass or cup. Especially for hot drinks at home or out. No one wants to spill a hot drink down themselves.

16. Headbands, headphones and eardefenders feel like they are squishing your head.

17. And headphones and ear defenders make your head pound so much they make you feel so sick. That renders them completely useless even though the noise you're trying to block out is making you ill too.

So that's just a few things that affect me. What odd symptoms do you experience?

Sian x


  1. Oh, I know those ones! Fun, isn't it?! Thank goodness for Pinterest! ;(

    1. The ones you go "what the...?" Yez Pinterest is just the best.

  2. I was nodding along with all of these.
    Everyone laughs at my trousers always being tucked into my socks (especially when they are odd!!)