Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Anyone want to have tea with ME?

This is just a quick post as I've been feeling extremely rough the last few days (after getting excited over some fab news of all things) and I need to preserve my energies for next weeks fundraising and awareness events. I will continue with my travel series as soon as I can after the awareness and fundraising posts.

However I just wanted to let you know about an event that one of my lovely fellow ME warrier Anna had organized to help raise awareness of the illness and money for the ME Association. She will be holding an actual tea party at her home with friends and family. Not wanting her Spoonie friends to miss out though she will also be hosting an online tea party. You can see the events Facebook page here.

So if you would like to join in it's as simple as well cake. Get yourself a cup of tea and as much cake as you want and log on to social media to post a photo of yourself enjoying your cake with the hashtag #bluesunday. Keep up to date with the goings on of the actual tea party on the event page and chat to other sufferers on there too. Why not chat to someone you've never spoken to before? Expand your circle of spoonie friends. You could even be in with the chance of winning a prize just for posting a photo and of course loving cake. Or you could also win by making a donation. Donations can be made through justgiving here.

Remember to tell your non spoonie friends that you're taking part too. To get the message across for ME awareness. 

Lady Anna, rest well this week and enjoy the day. She will also be sporting some lovely tea party themed jewellery (if I do say so myself) that I made her for the ocassion. See photo below.

Hopefully see you there. I'm off to rest and make the very tough decision of what cake to have.

Sian x


  1. You've explained it far clearer than I have hahaha! Thanks Sian!

  2. Glad the brain cells have had an extra use then. I need to find some spoons to get out and buy cake. Also having a hard time deciding which cake to get. X

  3. Hi Sian, love the blog! Hope you don't mind but I've included your link in my blog as one of my favorites. www.fibromyalgia-dee.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Thanks Dawn, very kind of you. I will check out yours sometime too. Will you be joining in for BlueSunday? X

  5. And what a success it was!