Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What's on your bedside table?

I know most people will answer this with a lamp, an alarm clock, mobile,watch and perhaps a book or two. However for the spoonie our bedside tables become hosts to all kind of paraphaneilia to help us through the days and nights. We may not need an alarm clock anymore but there is a whole host of things that we need to have close by. A spoonie toolkit of sorts. So let me talk you through some of the items on my bedside table. I've also posted a photo at the end of the post.

I keep all my bits and pieces in a clear plastic box, £1 from Poundworld, bargain! Other retaillers are of course available. They used to be in my drawer but I can see and reach things much easier in the box and plus drawers can sometimes be diffficult to open on bad days. Everything needs to be as accessible as possible. In the box is:

1) Baby wipes- much needed for help to cool down when I'm a complete sweaty Betty and also for when you can't have a proper wash.

2) Medication- I don't have it all by my bed because sometimes I get confused and also because there are so many that there would be no room for anything else. But I have a few in a pill box.

3) Headphones- I have some over ear ones as they're more comfortable but could probably do with proper ear defenders. These are for days when everything seems really loud and difficult to process or when my neighbours are doing yet more DIY. I have tried ear plugs too, sometimes with the headphones but they seem to make my head pound and pulse really loud in my ears, which is just as horrible

4) Biofreeze Roll on- for muscle aches, especially in the neck and shoulders

5) 4head roll on and tiger balm- extra help for tension headaches.

6) Tissues- the usual reasons, plus cleaning up when shakey hands have left your food/ drink everywhere.

7) Olbas oil- fab for when you have a cold or blocked nose. I like to put a few drops on a tissue and put it under my pillow. Or if I have ear ache rub, some into my ear lobes and jaw.

8) Lavender spray and roll on- good for helping promote calm and sleep. The roll on is again good on your forehead for tension headaches. Just be careful it's not too runny.

9) Mints- Incase any fitties drop by in need of a snog, haha if only. In reality they're good for helping a poorly tummy.

10) Purse- for making online payments etc. Always handy to have it there so you don't have to go searching and wasting energy if you don't have much.

11) Lip balm- some tablets make you really thirsty, which can crack your lips, also occurs from spending a lot of time in bed and feeling run down. I like to use Carmex as it's good for healing the skin and also some good old Vaseline for moisture.

12) Hairbrush and bobbles - well for attempting to make some effort with my hair and tying it back out the way when my temperature soars or I need some roll on on my forehead, neck or shoulders.

13) Pens and paper- you can never find a pen when you need one, so it's good to have some handy along with some paper to write down things to remember incase of brain fog.

14) Straws- always handy for when holding a cup feels to heavy, so you can keep easily hydrated. Yet to experiment with one of those builders hats with the can holders and wiggly straws.

15) Antibacterial hand gel- Stop those nasty lurking bugs and of course great if you can't get back and to from the bathroom and need a commode.

16) Other bits and pieces- I have a pair of scissors and also some sellotape. Scissors are useful for when I have parcels to open ( woo beads!) and I have the sellotape to help when I send parcels of my own.

Of course I also have a lamp. It has an easy to use button on the wire, which is useful for weak days. I always have a drink and a bottle to refill it from, even if I can't always do it myself. Then I have my tablet close by, in the well thing under the drawer, for browsing the internet and blogging. Books or kindle are usually on the unused pillow. You know I love to read. And most importantly my mobile phone, which is my life line. Helping me to communicate with friends and other spoonies online but also to text my parents if I need anything from downstairs and I am stuck, sometimes literally. Another useful tip is to have an extension cable on that level to make it easier to plug things in an out of. Maybe keep your chargers in the drawer. I like to hook the connecting ends of the chargers through the drawer handle so again they're easy to reach and your not flailing about trying to find them.

So there you have my toolkit. My other essential item is of course old faithful, my hot water bottle but that is usually strapped to me somewhere. What do you have on your bedside table as part of your spoonie toolkit?

Best wishes
Sian x


  1. This is a really good idea, im going to try and do something similar. nothing worse than being too poorly to leave bed and not having what you need ! x

  2. Sorry for delay in replying. Yes, having everything close by is essential. And the clear box helps too, so you're not rooting too much. Mine gets in such a mess though. Just dumping things in there. Come to think of it my whole room is a mess hehe. Just leaving things when to tired to put away etc. Oh well spoons are too limited to be neat. X