Thursday, 2 January 2014

My favourite books 2013

I spend a lot of time, when I can that is, reading. I know a lot of people that stuggle to read because of their symptoms, be it problems with their sight or concentration. There are moments where I can read the same page a few times, but that's usually when I am thinking about something else too. I think that by reading a lot and continuing to throughout the illness it's helped me keep the old brain cells going and help my concentration.

So I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite books that I read last year. Not all of them were released last year. I like to mix up my reading. Mostly I read chick lit, just something light to read but I like classics and some thrillers to. I'd quite like to have kept a record of how many books I read last year, just out of intetest. I intend to do this in 2014 though. There's a website called where you can put in the books you've read and books you'd like to read. You can see my bookshelves here wrote I've said before that I dislike a blurb, they always give too much away I find. Especially tv guides, by the time I watch the programme I feel as though I'm watching a repeat. So I will just give a one line description. Okay sometimes more than a few lines.

So here are my favourite reads from last year:

Me Before You, Jojo Moyes- a love story between a severely disabled man and a woman who is employed as his carer. Might sound a bit morbid but it's truly heart rendering. I read this around the time that I was contemplating getting a wheelchair so it made quite a big impact on me. I definitely recommend it to any spoonies.

Jojo Moyes, Silver Bay- a love story with a bit more bite and mystery. Most the action is set on whale watching boats so some intetesting new facts to learn. I've become a big fan of Jojo Moyes and can't wait to read more of her books this year.

Gone with the wind, Margaret Mitchell- classic love story set during the American civil war. So glad I finally got to read this last year, always been meaning to.

Sharp Objects, Gillian Flynn- a great whodunnit thriller. Kept me guessing all the way through, so good for the old brain cells.

Dark Places, Gillian Flynn- this is quite dark so probably not everyones cup of tea. But yet another complex whodunnit.

Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn- not as dark as the previous two books. But yet another book that gives the brain a work out.

100 names, Ceceilia Ahearn- lots of stories in one. I really enjoyed this book as it champions everyday people.

The Vow, Kim and Krickitt Carpenter,  - true events that influenced the film with Channing Tattum and Rachel McAdams. A heart warming tale of loyalty and faith and honouring your vows.

I heart series, Lindsey Kelk- a series of books that follows it's protaginist around different cities. New York, Paris, Hollywood, Vegas, London and a Christmas edition. Some crazy goings on that are a bit OTT. Also some great travel tips for each location.

Welcome to Rosie Hopkins Sweetshop of Dreams, Jenny Colgan- a great story and an amazing sweetshop that makes your mouth water. I am a sweetie addict so I loved this book.

The Night Circus, Erin Morgenstern- a great modern gothic novel full of the wierd and wonderful of a travelling circus. A completely different yet spell binding read.

Pasha, Pasha Kovalev- the Strictly Come Dancing and So you think you can dance star shares his story about growing up in Russia and travelling the world with his dancing. And backstage info about appearing on a reality tv programme. I adore this man so maybe I'm a bit prejudiced but still a good read and some gorgeous photos too.

Asleep, the forgotten epidemic that remains one of medicines greatest mysteries, Molly Caldwell Crosby- non fiction tales of an epidemic disease called encephalitis letharigica that started during the first world war and spread across the globe. Tracing the origins for conditions like ME. I will do a blog post on this one day. It makes you wonder how if it hadn't have been forgotten how far a cure ME would be now. The film and book awakenings by Olivet Sacks is also based on this, which is on my reading list for this year.

So there you have it. I have probably forgotton loads of good books. Probably thinking that they weren't this year. Such as Rebecca, Jamaica Inn, The Great Gatsby, The Beautiful and the Damned, Tender is the Night. See I do like classics. I still need to see the new Gatsby film just to see if they've messed it up. Hope I've given you some ideas for future reads and please send me some of your own suggestions.

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